Reviews for Lake LBJ Resort & Marina

Sunrise Beach, Texas

 Reservation Dissappointment

Review by 4-Person Renter on 3/26/18 11:18 AM

The friendliness of the staff was excellent, unfortunately it is completely offset by the poor cleanliness and maintenance of the property. Below is a list of the majority of the health and safety items that for the unit my family stayed in over 4 days: • Mouse poop on closet shelf • Mouse poop on bed sheets • Mouse poop on floor • Dog hair on bedroom sheets • Moldy shower curtain • Broken shower curtain holds • No hands soap in bathroom • No toilet paper • Room not cleaned on 2nd day or 3rd day • Cockroaches under kitchen sink and on pans • Moldy ceiling with Cobb Webb’s in living room • Spider webs in windows in bedroom • Ceiling fans dirty • Loft roof door broken (no privacy for second bedroom) • Nails in Living room ceiling • No deadbolt or latch on room door • No carbon monoxide detector in kitchen/living room or unit • No light cover on living room ceiling fan • Mold in window sill • Debris and leaves in AC register • Unknown dried liquid slime on bedroom walls • Living room not vacuumed (Food underneath living room couch) • Living room AC broken The cleanliness and quality of the room was more comparable to a 1 star motel. We also rented a boat from the marina, this was a good overall experience and we were happy with the boat we were provided for our 4 hour rental.

 Broken Boat

Review by jcs on 8/21/17 1:12 PM

rented a ski boat for 4 hours which broke down in the 3rd hour. Had to hitch back to our house and call marina to tow boat. Invoice was pro rated, but it sure put a damper on what was going to be a fun morning on the lake.


Review by BuckeyeSA on 7/29/17 6:54 PM

Did everything right, booked. On line, credit card... got a call at 6:00 pm telling me the boat I had reserved the next day was injured and they have nothing else available. Other rental places close at six, I was heading to lake LBJ 100 miles away. Frankly I felt lied to and by the reviews, was likely the case. Wave Chasers Rentals in Kingsland saved the weekend. My 1st call moving forward.

 Holiday Weekend Disappointment

Review by No Boat For You on 7/6/17 3:51 PM

You probably want to avoid this place. I looked at rental availability the week before July 4th, 2017. Most boats and wave runners seemed to be "available". Found that a bit odd as it was likely the busiest week on the lake all year. At any rate, reserved a 20ft pontoon boat for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary to leisurely cruise the lake with the fam. Got a call about an hour before I was to pick up on the rental day that he didn't have a boat. The previous day's renters apparently trashed it - and 4 others, while sinking 2 wave runners and blowing up the engine in another. Now, I'm sure stuff like this happens when you rent items, that's what the insurance/deposit is for. However, the story just sounded over the top. I asked about another similar type boat since it was my parent's 50th and I was told he didn't have any boats, nothing. After reading the reviews here, I think it's more likely the "fleet" of items they do have is not very well maintained and/or my boat was rented to another group for a higher price. Of course I don't know any of that first hand, but it was an incredibly shady, last minute cancellation on their part.

 It's a Marina not a Resort!!!

Review by Cece on 6/7/17 3:29 AM

We stayed at LBJ Resort & Marina from 5/24/17-5/27/17. It was not a pleasant experience! We arrived in room on 1st nite and there was only 1/2 roll of Toilet paper. I took washcloth off the towel bar and towel bar fell down, I then put washcloth on another hook and hook came off the wall! There was hair in the shower, the curtains were crooked and the lamp on my side of bed was broken! We had several large live cockroaches in our room! The air conditioner could not be turned down at nightclub so my husband had to climb on a chair to turn Ac unit off by pulling the plug from the ceiling! The light bulb outside our front door was burned out all 3 nites we were there. I called and left a message for the office about the bulb. No one called back and light bulb was not changed! The lighting to our room at nite was very poor. I mentioned the dim lighting to person who showed us to our room the first nite. He went into rooms and turned outside lights on that first nite! On 2nd and 3rd nite the lights were not turned on and I was afraid that I would fall! On 2nd day we were there wasps were outside our door! There was shortage of staff while we were there! We will never go back to LBJ-it is not a Resort but it definitely is a marina as lots of boats were being launched while we were there!

 Great rental experience!

Review by TF on 6/5/17 10:16 AM

Rented a tritoon for our employee outing on Memorial Day weekend. James did a great job of explaining what to do and made sure we had plenty of life jackets for kids. We showed up a little early and the boat was prepped and ready to go! Had to bring it back early because of rain so they gave us a discount.

 Anniversary weekend flop

Review by Displeased Wacoans on 5/15/17 10:23 AM

I searched online for a while before deciding on your property for our 24th anniversary get-a-way. This place looked perfect so I made reservations 3 months in advance because I assumed it would be full this time of year. My husband & I arrived & walked into the store where we were greeted by a young man, who was very friendly. He told us to follow him (in our car), to our room. He showed us inside and gave us a few more details. We were eager to walk around, grab a drink and sit in the bar overlooking the lake. A young lady made our drinks (very little ice tho) and gave us menus to order food; she was friendly and took care of our needs. The burgers & drinks were good, we enjoyed the scenery and petting the two resort dogs. We went to the top patio but it was dirty w/ things piled up and unorganized. We walked around on our way to the room to check out the pool, but we never saw the "gardens terraced down to the lake w/ a sunken garden, water plants or the arbor kid's play area w/ sandbox". There was old furniture and junk piled all over the place and everything (including the pool) was dirty. We overheard a man (helping 2 men on a boat) say they were preparing for "the season". We honestly felt like we were in their way and/or intruding. Our room was dirty w/ dead bugs in every corner and spiderwebs on the toilet. The blinds on the door were broken so we placed a towel over it so no-one could look in. I mean, come on, you had 3 months to sweep, dust, put fresh, clean towels in the bathroom and fresh bedding on the bed, but nothing was done before we arrived. There was no bar soap and the coffee pot was dirty and took over 30 minutes to make coffee. There were no other guests (that we noticed), staying that night. We decided to check out the next morning (a day early) so my husband waits and waits in the store for someone to acknowledge him. Finally the young man (who checked us in the day before) walked by and my husband motioned him inside. He said "we are going to go ahead and check out", the guy said he had to go get George, the owner, because he's the one who does that. He came back in and said George was too busy so they'll just email us the invoice. No questions were asked, no concern or apologies were offered. As my husband walks back to the car he sees George sitting on a bench talking to an older man (too busy my ass!). This place has a lot of potential and the (younger) staff that we dealt with were friendly, but it is not a "resort" and many things on the website are untrue and misleading. Sad to say that we will never return.

 Boat Rental : run about

Review by El Tote on 4/23/17 10:43 AM

Very nice helpful staff; fair adjustment made on rental price. Problem is old poorly kept boats (Run abouts). First rental a very old I/O ; poor conditions; engine starting missing within 30 minutes; returned to marina gave us an ski boat (Inboard) that ran very well. No instrument worked, no cleats to tie boat to dock when we stopped for lunch, only one docking line. Ran beautifully however


Review by MattPam on 3/19/17 8:40 PM

Very laid back place. We stayed in one of the rooms that connects to the was very basic. Air and TV worked well, but no shower or bar soap in the bathroom. Restaurant was fine---sitting by the water, but was fairly pricey for what we got---two of us was $100...we had 2 burgers, 2 salads and 4 drinks. We stayed here primarily because it was Pet Friendly---it was indeed that. There were two dogs not on leashes that roamed the outdoor cafe...I love dogs, but would have been better if they were more controlled. We could not keep our dog there, because he was being bothered by the other two...not a real big deal, but could have been better. People that ran the place were very nice.

 Large Group Getaway

Review by B on 8/22/16 9:10 AM

We had 4 families in our large group of 15 ranging from the age of 4 to over 55. We rented the Lakeside cabin, Romantic getaway and Patio room which all connected and worked out great for us. We loved sitting out on the covered porch while watching the kids swim in the pool or at night while playing games and meeting other guests. Having the bar and Bistro available was a nice treat. Plenty of parking for cars and boat trailers. Nice being able to buy ice without running into town. If you plan to do a lot of cooking, you may want to bring your own pans. Not a huge selection to choose from in the Lakeside cottage. Very friendly staff, and everyone went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable.

 Weekend getaway

Review by Dianna on 7/31/16 1:18 PM

We enjoyed staying at your resort! Very friendly atmosphere! Loved your resort being dog friendly!!

 Great day!

Review by Millsap on 7/25/16 7:36 AM

They were very accommodating and helpful!

 Great time on Lake LBJ

Review by Stacey & Matthew on 5/23/16 9:25 AM

We loved our room (Romantic Getaway), food at Boaters Bistro, the cocktails, and service from the staff! Georg, Ticca, Tori, Kirt, and Tim made our stay so much fun! Our anniversary weekend at Lake LBJ Resort & Marina was a success.

 Mixed feelings

Review by Cindy on 4/6/16 7:39 AM

I have to say first the staff was awesome and made us feel very welcome. But the resort looked nothing like the pictures. Our room was ok but the toaster didn't work, the coffee pot took over 2 hours to brew so we went and bought one. The fans were so dirty we didn't turn them on, the pans were gross, the electrical did not work in the bathroom we asked 3 times to get fixed so the 10 days we stayed we had to use hallway for bathroom electronics. Very inconvienant. George and his wife were very friendly and really made us feel at home. Let me just say again the staff was awesome and food was good. The room we had not so good.


Review by New Boater on 4/3/16 10:01 AM

Well, when my husband went to pick it up on Saturday they had no idea he was coming. Trash ,etc had to be removed and the boat was dirty and moldy. It did run well for us and we enjoyed riding around the lake. I thought they would have offered a discount because of how dirty the boat was but they did not. My recommendation is to not rent with out seeing the boat first. Use some bleach!

 disappointed as well

Review by disappointed as well on 9/27/15 6:51 PM

We leased a boat at the marina - viewed the website, selected the style and type of boat that would accomodate our large group. When we arrived at the marina the boat provided to us was not at all what was anticipated nor was it close to the picture on the website. The boat was in poor condition, mold and tears throughout. When we requested a different boat there was not another one available. Our group representative also requested a return phone call from the management which has still not happened. Disappointed - will not use again nor will we give a reference to the marina for future use.

 Don't do it.

Review by Poor Service and Quality on 9/22/15 9:01 AM

Got on their web page to rent a boat. Looked good on the site, but that's where it ended. They didn't have the boats that were advertised anymore. They gave us a boat with molded seats and rips in them. I have to say the boat ran well, but looked really bad. Several in our group would not even ride in the boat due to the fear of the mold. I ask the clerk to have the owner call. Never happened. Wouldn't do business with these guys again!

 Ski boat rental

Review by Meh on 7/12/15 1:14 PM

We rented a ski boat. While staff is nice boat left much to be desired. No carpet, no Bimini, seats warped and not safe for sitting on, only 2 gauges worked - fortunately were gas and temp. Overall was dirty and very used/abused. Worst shape of a rental I've experienced in Austin.

 Wedding Saver

Review by HappyGroom on 5/26/15 3:33 PM

Our original lodging plans fell through the night before our wedding, and we came to the Lake LBJ Resort and Marina looking for help in accommodating friends and family members for our wedding. The owner, Georg, was quick to offer us the necessary rooms we needed for over 15+ people at a great discount. The resort staff was very friendly and personally walked us into our rooms to make sure we were happy. Georg and staff also kept the Bistro open late to help feed us for an impromptu 'rehearsal dinner' and then kept the bar open until 2am so we could party the night away. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere while visiting the lake, this is the place to stay. THANKS GEORG AND STAFF!!!!


Review by Disappointed on 4/18/15 7:57 AM

I wanted to update my previous review to state that Glenn and Sean were very nice and worked very hard to make our stay pleasant. We were just disappointed in the "resort" facility. The Boaters Bistro restaurant was great!


Review by Disappointed on 4/18/15 7:57 AM

I wanted to update my previous review to state that Glenn and Sean were very nice and worked very hard to make our stay pleasant. We were just disappointed in the "resort" facility. The Boaters Bistro restaurant was great!


Review by Disappointed on 4/18/15 7:39 AM

It seems like this "resort" could use a lot of tender loving care. The owner was out of state at the time that we were there. Glen was working his butt off trying to run the marina/store, resort, and then help out when needed at the Bistro. The outside common areas of the resort could use a lot of cleaning and upkeep. They really should take the word "resort" out of the name of this place. The boaters bistro was a fun and nice place to look out at the water. It probably would be fine if you were gone all day and then returned there only to spend the night.. But they couldn't make our free wifi work and the movie channels didn't work..


Review by John on 8/19/14 11:39 AM

The room was very clean and comfortable. It was very convenient for our visiting relatives and6025 we were pleased with the service. We did experience trouble with the loose connection on the TV cable, but it worked out OK. The pool maintenance could be improved, but the children thoroughly enjoyed their time in it.

 Never again

Review by Unhappy  on 7/30/14 12:25 AM

This place does not even deserve 1 star. Customer service was horrible, the owner is an ignorant jerk!! I cannot believe someone like that is still in business. Not only was the service horrible but the place smelled like sewer, the pool was dirty and the furniture in the room looked like something from a garage sale, the room should at least look like it was decorated with stuff from this decade!! I feel sorry for the staff, who work for this jerk, from what I saw, he treats his employees like garbage. Don't make the same mistake I did, trust me when I say this, you will have a much better vacation if you stay far away from this place!!!


Review by Juhn on 4/21/14 10:57 AM

We had more visiting relatives than our house could accommodate, so we were fortunate that the lodge could handle our housing needs. George was very helpful in providing very nice rooms which were much appreciated by our guests. The experience was very much a good one for all of us.


Review by Al on 4/10/14 10:57 PM

Outstanding facility, amazing food, great location!! George is the "complete host and innkeeper"... I always visiting Lake LBJ Resort and Marina!!!!

 LUSA Group

Review by Laura on 3/14/14 1:39 PM

We rented out the entire Resort & Marina for a corporate conference. George was very helpful in helping arrange food service and even worked with a local vendor to setup breakfast for us at our meeting space. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the venue for large groups because the room situation forces most everyone to share a room which can be a little tight and uncomfortable. But...the service and location were both great. Would be perfect for a family reunion or a weekend getaway.

 Awesome stay

Review by Fishermen on 11/3/13 6:58 AM

George and his staff catered us the entire weekend. It was my second time to go and both times we had a memorable experience. I will definitely go back. Thanks George and staff

 Caveat Emptor

Review by jamjar62 on 9/9/13 8:05 AM

We rented a Cobalt water ski boat over the internet. After driving almost 45 minutes to get to the "resort", the boat we were shown was missing a windshield and the bikini topper. The "resort" owner had plenty of time between the time we rented the boat and the time we arrived to call us and let us know about the boat - to at least given us the option of deciding whether we wanted it without driving all that way. We had given them a cell number with the reservation. When we arrived and saw the boat, the owner looked at me and said "I can tell you will not be happy with this boat." I said "I"m not the only person who will be riding in the boat." He said "No money will be exchanged today. I will not rent you this boat. You will only come back and start a fight." So, we didn't rent the boat. We drove 45 minutes back to our rental home, and spent the rest of the day inside. In the owner's defense, he did offer to take $100 off the rental fee. In my opinion, no matter how much he discounted the price, the boat was nothing I would ever pay money to use. Even if it were free, I'd say no. So, buyer beware.


Review by jmarsh223 on 7/14/13 11:23 AM

I have rented few lake houses in the area and by far this one was the best yet a marina with all you need an awesome staff with Georg and his wife an on site mechanic and a bistro with a great lunch and dinner menu(try the pulled pork sandwich and the bratwurst for you kraut lovers its fantastic) bar with a few mix drinks to keep you safe off the road also a pool on site just in case the lake gets overwhelming but I'll tell you the part of the lake you're on is very nice I know my crowd had a blast and last but not least the room was great spacious and the kitchenette was loaded down for bare with pots pans and dishes over all it was a great place and I know where I'm going to book my next trip to the lake without a doubt in my mind!

 Did not disappoint

Review by D'Lynn Alvarez on 2/25/13 10:06 AM

We checked in Friday early evening and was immediately greeted by friendly staff. The owner, Georg, checked us in and showed us around a little. Lovely deck with view, I imagine that it's jumping in the summer time. We enjoy going during winter a lot as my boyfriend loves to fish in winter and its much more peaceful. And peaceful it was as we I think the only guest but you would not know it buy the accommodating staff. We had a little jäger bomb shot before heading to our room which put us in the mood for a great evening.They did offer a lunch and dinner menu.The room was very spacious and clean. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed the huge jacuzzi tub which easily fit us both with lots more room. The bathroom was very spacious as well with double sinks. We did stay in the Romantic Getaway by the way. The small kitchenette was available but we barely used. They had an abundance of water toys and crafts. The bed was very, very comfortable and I am missing it right now as I lay on my bed ( time for a new one). The room also had 2 comfy chits and a couch with a nice little patio. I will be returning and cannot wait to rent one of the bigger rooms! I highly recommend giving this place a shot!

 Very nice

Review by toothfairy on 10/1/12 11:43 AM

We had a great time here, and loved our room. Thank you!

 Personal Watercraft Rental

Review by Unhappy Camper on 6/2/12 10:35 AM

I called on a Tuesday to rent 4 watercraft for two hours for another family the following day. When I asked about refunding the deposit if problems arose, I was told it would not be a problem since this was in the middle of the week. Not being familiar with the area, the location was not good and the other family changed their plans and we had to cancel. When I called about the deposit refund ($200) the same representative was rude and "cursed" me for costing him an entire days loss of rentals. He then hung up on me. I checked and he went ahead and charged my card for the entire amount of the deposit. I have filed a dispute with our credit card company and would not recommend this business.