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The Haleakala Summit/Skyline Ridge Trail is an amazing ride. It is a great way to see the island, and to ride from the Summit, an option that isn?t available from commercial tour operators! The views from the Summit (elevation 10,023ft) are simply breathtaking. You will be able to see young cinder cones in Haleakala?s volcanic crater and view the masterpiece of colors and rugged topography that only the forces of nature can create. As you make your descent, you will ride off-road via the Skyline Ridge Trail and catch glimpses of the Big Island. This is such a unique, spectacular experience ? you don?t want to miss.
From State Hwy 377 turn onto Crater Road (State Hwy 378) and drive up approx. 22 miles to almost the 10,000 foot elevation. At Hosmer?s Grove is the National Park Entrance. Keep going. When you get to the Visitor Center/Parking on your left, stay on the road to the right leading up to the Summit lookout. Before the lookout on the left is an open gate/road that leads to the Summit observatories. Take that left and follow the road until you see the gated road with the Skyline Trail arrowed sign. Park on the side and unload bikes/gear for Skyline Trail access.

Walk around the locked gate and ride your mountain bike down the asphalt road to the Skyline Trail start. Skyline Trail will head downhill for a short while. Then have a short rise that begins the 3,000 ft descent to the Mamane Trail head.
Skyline Trail consists of loose lava rock and is a dirt service road. There will be a locked gate around 8,000 ft with a ride-a-round. Another 1,000 ft descent until you reach the Mamane Trail head.
Make a right off the Skyline Trail onto Mamane Trail. This is a natural location for a food break and rest spot.
Follow Mamane Trail down to Waiohuli Trail, and descend down Waiohuli trail until you reach the Waipoli dirt road.
Make a right onto to Waipoli road and ride for about 25 minutes until you reach the Waipoli Road asphalt.
Descend down the asphalt road until you reach the Lavender Farm or Rice Park. There are some short cuts or chutes that go off the asphalt road and lead down to the next switchback. Keep your eyes out for some MTB technical trail instead of riding all the way down the road.


Haleakala National Park Entrance: All park users must pay a fee to enter the national park. However, if you tell the park ranger you want access to Skyline Trail for mountain biking or hiking the fee WILL BE waived. However, the park will accept donations for park upkeep.
Bikes: We recommend a downhill or 6? travel bike for this trip. However, it can be done on smaller travel bikes.
Gear: Full face helmet and pads! It gets very cold at the top and can be rainy. Extra clothing and rain jacket would be good in the pack.
Skyline Trail: Very loose and sharp lava rock at the top! Take your time if you do not feel confident.

* For further information about mountain biking trails and mtb activities on Maui please visit the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition. Makawao Forest Reserve is managed by the Department Of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii.

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