Berkshire U-Drive Rent-A-Boat

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

About Berkshire U-Drive Rent-A-Boat

Berkshire U-Drive Rent-A-Boat is located at:

Berkshire U-Drive Rent-A-Boat
1651 North Street
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Phone: (413) 281-4196


Group A

Pontoon #1 = 10 people
Pontoon #2 = 10 people
Pontoon #3 = 10 people


Group B

Pontoon #4 = 8 people
Pontoon #5 = 8 people
Pontoon #6 = 8 people
Pontoon #7 = 8 people


Group C - Boat #8 6 person limit

Boat # 8 - 6 person limit


Alternate Boat

Alternate Boat

Terms & Conditions


** CANCELLATION POLICY ** 24 hour notice to cancel or forfeit 50% of price of reservation

1. The operator shall not operate the watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and shall not consume alcoholic beverages during operation.

2. All passengers regardless of swimming ability are strongly advised to wear life vests. The wearing of a life vest is mandatory for any child 12 years or younger while underway. Prior to leaving the dock please verify that there are sufficient life vests for each person in your party.

3. No swimming is allowed while the motor is running. The propeller can cause serious personal injury, disfigurement or death.

4. By accepting this agreement you acknowledge that you will be adequately instructed in the use of the watercraft, and or, you will have prior experience in the safe operation of the vessel you are renting.

5. Sitting on the front platform or rear platform/deck during operation of a pontoon boat can be dangerous and is not allowed.

6. Always be observant of people swimming or using other craft in the area around you when operating the vessel.

7. How to Lose Your Security Deposit:

• Damage to the Boat
• Ground the Boat / Too close to land
• Operate Boat Recklessly
• Crash the Boat when Parking it
• Rude & Obnoxious Behavior
• Return the boat late
• Pulling propeller out of water

By accepting these Terms & Conditions you acknowledge that you understand them. Further, you agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Andarah Inc., and its employees, from any liability including harm to third parties in connection with the rental of the watercraft or due to your negligent operation of the watercraft, and further agree to release Andarah Inc. DBA U-Drive-Rent–A-Boat, and its employees, from any cause of action, suit, breach of warranty, promises, omissions, damages, or liability, and any and all other claims whatsoever, which you may have, or on account of any injuries or damages or loss suffered by you, third parties or others, due to your negligent operation of the watercraft you are renting.