Reviews for West Harrison Reservations (0992760 BC Ltd.)

Agassiz, British Columbia


Review by Sherry on 1/4/19 7:20 PM

you guys are the best Thankyou

 Best of everything

Review by Kelly on 4/30/18 12:30 PM

We recently came up to Weaver group site for our first side-by-side ride of the season. When I seen the pictures in the description I thought for sure it was too good to be true. But to all of our surprise (our group of 15) the pictures didn't even capture how beautiful, clean,spacious & huge this site is. We could not have asked for anything better.... Including two nights worth of firewood waiting for us. The only downside was the very steep incline some of us struggled with. We all came up in motorhomes and trailers hauling side by sides and ATVs. We had to split up our loads and have those who came up in trucks haul our trailers up for us so we didn't overheat our motors. It was only a two-day weekend and we were all very sad to leave. Soon as I got home I went online to book another weekend and was saddened but not surprised to find it is booked for the rest of the summer. I recommend this spot to anyone who is going to be traveling in a large was a perfect weekend 😎


Review by Mic on 10/10/17 1:35 PM

Went to Skwellepil Campground. The campground itself is a great spot. However after reserving online prior to Thanksgiving Weekend we ended up being charged again upon arrival. Online I had to book for 3 nights but we couldn't go until Saturday so I paid 3 nights plus a $15 reservation fee online which was $60 and then was forced to pay an additional $45 for 2 nights since my reservation was voided because we weren't there on the Friday night. This to me is taking advantage of the people who do show up since there were very few campers even up there that weekend. So in total we ended up paying $105 for 2 nights stay. And I read that if you want to make any changes there is a $7 charge for making any changes. I feel taken advantage of by being charged twice for the exact same site.

 Thinks sndria for saving my bacon from skeeters!

Review by Love chehslis on 8/8/17 11:22 PM

Thanks to Andria for saving my bacon by helping me set up my screen tent. There was a major malfunction and she arrived with tool kit and got me set Chehalis and have been coming for a few years now. Big site.s. Quiet, peaceful and surrounded and protected by towering treeed. Nice to be greeted, and remembered by Andria each time I've arrived for the last few years. It's like coming home. Truly, Chehalis is a magical place

 Thanks ... again!

Review by 3 moms on 7/30/17 7:56 PM

3 of us moms have been coming to Chehalis River for our yearly get away and again this year, we loved it. The site is so quiet, clean and well run thanks to Andrea's care. We appreciate knowing what we are getting when we drive in each year - a well run and relaxing get away. Thanks again!

 Money grabbing terrible host

Review by Ripped off on 7/19/17 5:10 PM

The site is lovely. The spots are huge. Great place on the river. Should have been a terrific camping week. However, the host is a terrible woman. Though I reserved and paid for two spots for four nights in my name, ($150) when my friend left after three nights the host told us the site had been vaccated and we were not allowed to use my second site!! We had planned to move the kid's tent there and park my husband's car. I even told her this when we arrived and she indicated that would be fine. To make it worse my husband then had to pay an additional $15 to park our car on the one site we were allowed to still use. Money grabbing at its worse. Woman just argued and kept saying that once a site is vaccated we can't have it. Wouldn't listen to me that it was in my name paid for and that she had already been informed and agreed to our plans. Really took all the enjoyment out of our trip. Beware the rule stickler. She'll suck you dry! We even saw here charge full price to a family just to picnic in a spot for s few hours. Make sure you read all the fine print.

 Great family site

Review by PJ on 6/5/16 7:26 PM

This was our first time camping with the kids and it was wonderful. The camp sites are quiet and private, the beach is fantastic, and the host made us feel so welcome. We're going back for sure.

 Chehalis River

Review by Kimberly Kastak Simpson on 8/5/15 11:25 PM

Been coming here for 5 years.. The new camp host Andrea does an amazing job!! Very friendly, and is always available to help or address questions or concerns. Campsite is clean and very well maintained.

 Great place to camp

Review by PJ on 6/29/15 11:05 PM

Great site host, quiet and family friendly. The lakeside sites were fantastic. We are going back

 Chehalis Camping

Review by Sanjiv on 6/23/15 11:54 AM

At last! We have been able to book a weekend at Chahalis Campsite. We would like to thank Andrea at the Camp Reception who has been very helpful and showed us the campsites. See ya Andrea

 Chehalis River

Review by Mark & Joanne on 6/15/15 10:37 AM

Our weekend was wonderful. Morning coffee beside the river was the best. Andrea was always available to answer our questions and offer information. Sites were very clean and it was very quiet. We are returning booked 2 more weekends. Mark & Joanne

 20 mile Bay Harrison Lake

Review by Rescued by Rose on 6/10/14 2:18 PM

We travelled out looking for a camp site and went right passed the turn of to the left 20 mile bay rec site... ended up at the parking lot with picnic tables not good, drove out of there went down the road 100 meters and slept in a small red neck camp site and decided that we would not stay here , but as we were getting the fifth wheel ready to back out of this area that morning, along came ROSE the camp ground manger to collect the fees and told us the camp grounds that we were looking for is just up the road a couple of kms .. Wow she also informed us about how nice it was and reserved a site for us that would work for the fifth wheel and to our surprise AFTER OUR FIRST NIGHT it turn out beautiful, we stayed two more nights but would have stayed longer due to work . Thank you so much ROSE you came to the rescue. Would we come back ,,yes anytime we had wonderful weekend....ROSE IS A GREAT HOST THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN,,,, KEITH AND AMELIA