Yayamama Birth Pool Rental

Edmonton, AB

About Yayamama Birth Pool Rental

Local bookings only (within driving distance of Edmonton). Please DO NOT book your pool in this calendar until you have sent payment via Paypal in full or your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Book on your due date and a time block of 37 days will be reserved for you, starting 3 weeks before your due date to 2 weeks plus 2 days afterwards; with the stipulation that your pool will be returned within 48 hours after your birth.

Your birth pool kit includes:
-heavy duty disposable pool liner
-air pump
-waste water pump
-hose adapter.


  1 booking on due date Notes
(1/1/13 - 12/31/15)
per day
One rental period includes a maximum 37 days with the stipulation that the rental ends within 48 hours after your birth. In the rare event that your pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks please contact us to let us know or a late penalty of $25/day will apply.