Yayamama Birth Pool Rental

Edmonton, Alberta

Birth Pool Rental - Complete Kit

About Yayamama Birth Pool Rental

Your Birth Pool Rental includes a 37 day rental, starting 3 weeks before your due date to 2 weeks + 2 days after your due date, with the stipulation that you return the pool within 48 hours after your baby is born.

Your kit includes:

- 1 Aquaborn birth pool (27" interior depth) with lid
- 1 Heavy duty disposable liner
- 1 Tarp to protect your floor
- 1 Air pump
- 1 Waster water pump
- 1 Tap adapter
- 1 Fresh-water hose
- 1 Waste-water hose


Birth Pool Rental - Complete Kit

Birth Pool Rental - Complete Kit



Birth Pool Rental - Complete Kit

Local bookings only (within driving distance of Edmonton). Please DO NOT book your pool in this calendar until you have sent payment via Paypal in full or your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Yayamama Birth Pool Rental Features

The Aquaborn pools are the highest quality inflatables available and made from strong, durable eco-vinyl. The sidewalls are sturdy enough to support you and your partner and won't collapse when leaned on to avoid damage to your floor from water spillage. Six handles give many position options and a white non-slip bottom ensures optimum safety and visibility. A heat retaining lid is included with each pool. The pool, lid, and liners are all pthalate free.

-Recommended by Waterbirth International!
-Material Thickness 0.55mm
-External Dimensions 72″ × 64″ × 31″
-Internal Dimensions 52″ × 44″
-Interior Depth 27"
-Inflated Floor Thickness 3.3"
-Floor White, anti-slip
-Inflatable floor for comfortable kneeling
-Handles 6
-Number of Persons: 2
-Approx. Inflation Time 6 min
-Approx. Filling Time 45 min
-Volume when filled 170 gallon

Terms & Conditions

1. Aquaborn Birth Pool Rentals by Yayamama includes a maximum 37 day rental per booking (starting 3 weeks before your due date and ending 2 weeks + 2 days after your due date) with the stipulation the pool be returned within 48 hours after the birth of your baby. On the rare occasion that your pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks you must let us know to avoid late penalties of $25 per day.
2. To prevent contamination, the pool must be emptied completely with the waste water pump provided before the liner is removed and discarded.
3. The pool must be wiped inside and out with a 10% solution of bleach (10 parts water to 1 part bleach) and allowed to dry completely before deflated and repacked.
4. Dirty pools will not be accepted without a $50 added cleaning fee.
5. Any damages including punctures are the responsibility of the renter and will be billed accordingly.