Reviews for Trishia Marie Photography

Jackson, Nebraska

 Terrible Service

Review by wedding12 on 12/11/12 10:18 PM

My husband and I used Trishia Marie as our wedding photographer. We could not have been more disappointed with her services. When we initially asked Trishia to be our photographer she was very prompt at returning emails and phone calls. Once we really started working with her, she became much less responsive, taking days or weeks to get back to us. We had problems with every single task we asked of her. These included: engagement photo session, save the dates, initial photo taking on the wedding day, photo booth, and thank you photos. The most horrible experience of it all happened during and after the wedding. The #1 reason we wanted Trishia to be our photographer was because she included a photo booth in her package deal. When the wedding day came she seemed to be doing great with taking pictures. Once the reception came around she came up to my husband and I explaining to us how she didn’t have her photo booth supplies because some “lady” used her supplies and never got them back to her. She said she would reimburse us for this. In the moment, we were obviously not going to let this upset us on our wedding day and said OK. A few weeks after the wedding Trishia and I spoke about when the photos would be done and also how we would be reimbursed for the photo booth. She explained that everything should be ready within 2 weeks and she would send the check with the disc. One month had gone by since our conversation and we hadn’t heard from her or seen our pictures. During that time, we were calling, leaving messages, texting her, emailing her, and getting no response. Two months went by. We are now very upset. We were starting to think we were never going to get our pictures. So we started searching for reviews on Trishia and found out other people dealt with the same issues we did!! Unfortunately, these reviews were posted after we had chosen her. We then decided to contact our 2nd photographer and see if she knew the whereabouts of Trishia. That very afternoon, I received a text from Trishia stating our photos were on a disc and in the mail. She claimed she wasn’t able to put our check in with it because she was dealing with issues out of town and a friend of hers had to mail out our package. We then agreed via text that she would send the money via PayPal (which is how we paid her initially) so it shouldn’t have been a problem. We never received payment from Trishia and ended up going to litigation. We did receive our pictures (thankfully). But they are absolutely not professional. None of them were edited and many of the important pictures such as family and photos of my husband and I were terrible. Actually, there were only two photos of my husband and I standing next to each other. One was too blurry to blow up and the other one was only half of our body. Thank goodness for family and friends that were snapping pictures that day and for our wedding videographer. From experience and reading other reviews, Trishia is a scam. She doesn’t care about her clients. She gives excuse after excuse, steals, and ruins moments and memories of people’s lives that should be cherished. Stay away from this vendor... you're better off having your aunt take pictures on her tiny digital camera.

 Worst Experience of Wedding

Review by Wedding78 on 6/19/12 12:22 PM

When asked what I regret most about my wedding I always respond it was my choice for a wedding photographer. Trishia was very prompt prior to my wedding, answering all my questions, returning phone calls and emails. She also came to my wedding and seemed to be doing everything right. It was not until after my wedding that the problems began. It got to be one month after my wedding and I had yet to hear anything. I began calling and e-mailing Trishia and she would not respond. It then got to be two months and yet still she would not respond to me. Then it got to be three months and still nothing. After spending all that money on my wedding I thought for sure I would never have any documentation of it. It was then that I had to get legal counsel involved. Many letters later, five months after my wedding, Trishia finally sent me a link to my pictures. The pictures were not edited. I spent hours going through each pictures with my own software trying to make them usable. She has never sent me the disc that I paid $2,500 for containing my photos. My hope is that this woman is no longer in business. I pray that no one else will ever have to go through the stress that I did. To do this to people I would think this woman is having issues and I hope for her and her family's sake she gets the help she needs.

 Trishia Marie "Fraud"tography

Review by Give Credit Where Credit is Due on 1/23/12 4:09 PM

I would give them no stars if that was an option. We paid for and had our family photos taken by Trishia Marie Photography (Trishia Gill, Photographer) in Sioux City, IA over a month ago and still have not seen any proofs. Horrible communication, will not return emails or phone messages. I know this has happened to another person as well. Too bad for them, I was looking for someone good for future use. I do not care how great your product is, if your customer service is below standard your product is worthless! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.