Reviews for Trikaroo Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida

 Scam Artist

Review by Truth on 8/7/19 8:24 AM

I am a past employee who was fired after I took it upon myself to investigate and find numerous counts of fraud! Gina García (Owner and founder of Trikaroo) is committing fraud on many levels, starting with her alleged abduction at 8 years old from a fashion square mall, where she allegedly jumped out of a moving car to avoid being raped and killed. The problem with this story is, that there are no official reports other than her account and what she tells the media. There are no police reports. Wikipedia lists all child abduction cases and Gina is not on that list! There is nothing in the news about this. It is a lie and all made up! She claims to have made a movie about this, but yet there is no movie to be found. The name of the alleged movie is Untold. The name in which should be changed to Unseen because it doesn’t exist. Cannot find it anywhere. Only little trailers that are horribly done! When it comes to her product, there are many lies behind it. There are no exclusive rights with the manufacturer in China. There are no patent pending’s. There is nothing exclusive about them at all. She gets them from the websites Made In China and Alibaba. She claims to have gone to China to design and engineer these products in which she caught dinghy fever. These are also lies. She never left her keyboard, as everything was done on the Internet. The Joey is a rip-off of Scote Scooter (Google Scote Scooter and look at the real price! ) She gets the Boomer X, Flyer XL, and Switch for $700 apiece and then jacks up the price to $4000 to take advantage of the elderly. They are extremely cheap! The flyer XL has a manufacture defect that will never be corrected. (If you already own a Flyer XL, then check and see for yourself!) The entire frame is bent and I brought this to the attention of Gina in which she ignored. The company is formed on many lies and that’s because Gina Garcia is a habitual pathological liar. She makes her employees post fake reviews on Google and Facebook to mislead potential customers and future employees. Trevor Richards, Liz Grey, Bonnie Tillman, Tera Webb, Christy Hutch (who is an ex deputy sheriffs officer and girlfriend of Gina García and an accomplice to the fraud) these are all people who have worked there! She also makes employees have their family members post fake reviews. Look for yourself and ask, why does she do this? She lied to me about my pay. She put me on salary and refused to pay me if I was late to work but never paid me for extra hours worked. This too is illegal, but Unfortunately I cannot prove it because I never kept copies of my time card. I never felt that I had to treat my employer as a criminal. She did refuse to pay me my last check and I had to call the labor board on her. They did eventually make her pay me my last check, but never corrected the pay I was owed. Any future employee or potential customer of Trikaroo be warned! Gina García is a Fraud and eventually all of the lies will catch up with her. It’s only a matter of time, as the FBI has been made aware of this!