Tims Ford Lakefront Vacation Rentals

Winchester, Tennessee

Tims Ford Lake Front Vacation Rentals

About Tims Ford Lakefront Vacation Rentals

Homes for rent on Tims Ford lake with private docks


Tims Ford Lake Front Vacation Rentals

Tims Ford Lake Front Vacation Rentals


Rigsby Ridge - 334 Rigsby Ridge Lynchburg, TN 373...

Lakefront home with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 kitchens, living room, den, covered deck, covered porch and double decker floating dock with 2 boat slips. Great views of Tims Ford Lake. Sleeps 10-12. All beds are Queen size.

Daily $600.00 / day
Weekly $3,500.00 / week

Magnolia - 694 Magnolia Drive Winchester, TN 37398

Wonderful Lakefront Home with 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, screened-in porch, den with magnificent views of Tims Ford Lake, open deck, basketball goal with paved court area, blackjack table, very easy walk to water.

Daily $600.00 / day
Weekly $3,500.00 / week

North High Cottage - 1205 N High St Winchester, TN...

Perfect lakefront home! 5 bedroom 3 bath home with easy walk to water.

Daily $450.00 / day
Weekly $2,500.00 / week

Margaritaville - 858 Shasteen Hollow Road Lynchbur...

Wonderful lakefront home with easy access to boat dock (tie boat to side). Enjoy the views of Tims Ford Lake from every level. This house features 3 bedrooms, 2.

Daily $400.00 / day
Weekly $2,400.00 / week

Lakefront Life - 407 Tenn Drive Estill Springs, TN...

Charming lakefront cottage in Elklore Cabin Sites. House features 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, gentle sloped yard with only 10 steps to the covered dock (owners boat there will have to tie your boat to the side).

Daily $300.00 / day
Weekly $1,500.00 / week

Shasteen Hollow - 326 Shasteen Hollow Road Lynchbu...

This home gives you the quintessential wood beautiful cabin lake home feel. Wood throughout the home inside and out with 4 full length of the home decks and a water feature outside before you enter the residence.

Daily $300.00 / day
Weekly $1,500.00 / week

Little Slice of Heaven - 480 Ridgefield Circle Win...

Perfect lakefront get-a-way! Located in Pine Bluff Subdivision this house gives you the feel of being away from it all but yet close to everything.

Daily $350.00 / day
Weekly $1,800.00 / week

Palm Tree Paradise - Sterling Breeze Condominiums ...

Panama City Beach, on the beach.

Daily $275.00 / night
Weekly $1,800.00 / week

Terms & Conditions


Lease agreement made the dates you have choose to stay between Tims Ford Lake Front Vacation Rental Company, 4470 Mansford Road, Winchester, TN 37398, as Agent for the Owner and your name of your home address (Tenant).

Owner hereby leases to Tenant, and Tenant leases from Owner, for the term of this agreement, the following lake house: lake house you have choose in TN, including boat dock.

The term of this lease is for dates you have choose, with Tenant checking in on arrival date you have choose at 3 p.m. and checking out on departure date you have choose at 10 a.m.

The maximum occupancy of the premises is varies upon stated sleeping capacity of each home. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED INSIDE OF HOMES. If evidence of either is found you will forfeit your security deposit.

The rent for this lease is stated agreed upon rate per night/week plus tax (9.25%). A nonrefundable reservation fee of $300.00 is to be paid in advance to reserve Tenant’s reservation. The balance of the rent varies plus security deposit ($500.00) is due. Payments must either be in cash or by check made payable to Sam Hatfield Realty, Inc. Deposits are refundable if cancellation is received two (2) weeks prior to date of arrival.

Tenant shall pay to Owner a security deposit of $500.00. (Please make this check separate) If Tenant fully complies with all terms of this lease agreement, Owner shall return the security deposit. If Tenant does not fully comply with the terms of this lease agreement, Owner may use security deposit to pay amounts owed by Tenant, including but not limited to damages, repairs, losses, charges, cleaning, and telephone. Owner shall return the security deposit to Tenant, less any deductions, after inspection of the property and receipt by Owner of the telephone bill (within no more than four (4) weeks after the end of the lease term).

Owner shall provide water, electricity, and heating. Local telephone calls when available are free, with long distance calls to be charged to Tenant’s calling card, credit card, or called party. Tenant must leave the house and premises in broom-clean departure.
Tenant shall pay as additional rate that varies upon size of the home as payment for cleaning services to be provided upon termination of the lease.

All furniture, furnishings, appliances, cooking and serving utensils, and other personal property of Owner shall be left in good order and repair by Tenant. If Tenant fails to leave such property in good order and repair, Owner may make repairs and charge Tenant the cost of repair over and above security deposit. Tenant must not alter, change, or add to the premises without written permission of the Owner, this includes moving of furniture. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OWNER’S LOCKED BUILDINGS AND SHEDS ARE OFF LIMITS TO TENANT, TENANT’S CHILDREN, AND THEIR GUESTS. YOU CAN NOT USE THE OWNER'S BOAT OR BOATING EQUIPMENT.

The following items are not provided under this lease: including but not limited to: personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) paper products, clear plastic bags, and cooking charcoal. TENANT MUST PROVIDE THESE ITEMS.

Tent camping on the grounds is permitted only with the Owner’s knowledge and written permission, as plant life may be harmed. No loud noise, including but not limited to loud music, is permitted. A noise curfew is imposed between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Boats and personal water craft (PWC) are permitted on the lake. Personal floatation devices (PFDs) must be worn while in boats or PWCs. Tenants and guests agree to abide by all TWRA rules and regulations in the operation of boats and PWCs.

Tenant must place all trash in garbage cans and should be put in bags and not left loose , if provided, which shall be securely fastened. If garbage cans are not provided, please call our office for trash pick up.

Owner and Owner’s agents have the right, at reasonable times, to enter the premises to examine, make repairs, or show the premises to potential tenants/buyers.

Tenant may cook only in the specific areas set aside by Owner for cooking. No open fires are allowed other than in the grill or outdoor fireplace. THE GRILL MUST REMAIN IN AN OPEN AREA, AWAY FROM TREES, HOUSE, ETC. All fires must be thoroughly extinguished before leaving unattended.

Tenant must keep the grounds, dock, and other areas neat and clean. There is no smoking allowed inside the homes/cabins. No cigarette filters are to be left on the premises, including the fireplace. Vehicles may be driven only on the driveway, and must be parked in the parking area provided. Tenant, guests and children shall abide by any additional rules and regulations which shall be posted on the back of the front door or on the refrigerator.

Owner shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to property, or injury to persons, occurring in or about the leased premises, by reason of any existing or future condition, defect, matter or thing in the leased premises, or for the acts, omissions or negligence of other persons or tenants in and about the leased premises. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold Owner harmless from all claims and liability for losses of or damages to property, or injuries to persons occurring in or about the leased premises.

In the event the property is pulled from rental program for whatever reason. All deposits and money will be refunded to tenants. Owner and Tims Ford Vacation Rental Company will be held harmless of any claims.

Tenant may not sublet all or any part of the premises or assign this lease or permit other persons to use the premises without prior written notification and agreement by Owner.

If Tenant breaches any provision of this lease agreement and fails to correct the default immediately upon notice from Owner, Owner has the right to immediately terminate this lease agreement and Tenant must leave the premises. In such event, Tenant shall continue to be responsible for all damages and losses, security deposit and rent.

Owner agrees that, within the terms and conditions of this lease, Tenant may peaceably and quietly have, hold, and enjoy the premises for the term of the dates you have choose..

Tims Ford Lake Front Vacation Rental Co. TENANT:
Agent for Owner
REVISED 11/7/2013 Date: