Reviews for Ranch at Wimberley

Wimberley, Texas


Review by Mamakelley on 5/18/17 7:51 PM

Wow. This was a perfect 'getaway' for my husband and myself. We needed a peaceful, quiet place and that's what we got. We loved watching the beautiful sunsets, listening to the birds, walking the property, hanging out on our front porch of our cabin (Dance Hall Cabin), checking out the other facilities and the barn. The barn and so many other locations on the property would be the perfect backdrop for a wedding. The property is kept immaculately and the staff is as hospitable and friendly as they come. My husband and I would go back in a will probably be our new 'go to' place for getaways. Thank you Susan for taking such good care of us.

 From a Kid's Point Of View

Review by GamerDude53 on 3/19/16 11:27 AM

Hello! I'm a ten year old writing for all of the kids that may want to know about the Ranch at Wimberley. First of all, this place is the best!! One cool thing is the nature and the animals...I met at least 7 dogs, saw a few deer, and some huge long horns. Two of the dogs who live at the ranch are Mocha and Tori. Mocha is a brown, fluffy dog who loves to give kisses. Tori is black and furry around the neck. Tori likes to greet everyone she sees! Another thing I love about this ranch is the pool! They even have a rock-like diving board!! After I swim, even though I'm young, I enjoy the hot tub. Also, another rad detail about this place is the large open fields. I know that sounds boring, but it's actually not. There was so much room to just, you know, run and play. Me and my brother had nerf-gun wars! it rocked. The last thing I want to tell you about is the food. I went to so many restaurants, and I got to eat a juicy steak for dinner! The next day I had ribs for lunch at this barbecue place, and chicken fried steak with gravy for dinner at this place where we sat outside by the river. In conclusion, beg your parents to go to the Ranch at Wimberley!! It will be the best times of your life!!!

 Amazing Vacation

Review by Rachel Elizabeth on 3/19/16 10:35 AM

The Ranch at Wimberley is truly an amazing place! My family and I loved exploring nature, shopping the town square, swimming in the pool, and taking in the gorgeous scenes! In fact, our family of four was able to enjoy a delightful stay in the Cottage House which provided ample room and a cozy ranch-style atmosphere. Also, the hostess and employees of the Ranch at Wimberley were incredibly sweet and went out of their way to accommodate us. Thank you for a fantastic getaway! We will return to our dream-cation every chance we get!

 Restful Texas Sanctuary

Review by Lilly Light on 2/19/16 6:31 PM

My husband and I, originating from California, stayed at the Ranch for a most delightful vacation. The surroundings are splendid:: stately oaks, acres of grasslands dotted with grazing Texas longhorns, private quarters with a most charming nearby town for shopping, dining and browsing. The main house is luxurious but we stayed in the Pool House. There are lots of activities but we preferred to take walks, read and daydream about the next meal in town. The hosts were welcoming and helpful. We plan to return soon. and sample one of the smaller, newer units. Seems like the perfect place for a family reunion, a wedding or just a quiet get-away.