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Panora , Iowa

 Lake Panorama

Review by Horrible Customer Service on 7/23/18 3:13 PM

This place has horrible customer service! Went to a bachelorette party there over the weekend. We had a large party of twenty and the planner of the party had called in March and spoke to the chef as well as again a few weeks ago to confirm that they could handle a party of this size. She was assured they could. We got there at 8 for our reservation and was immediately told that the kitchen was running 30 minutes behind because they had a couple of other large parties come in unexpectedly. They got us some drinks and apps in the meantime and then were were told 30-45 minutes later that the kitchen was still a half hour behind it would be even longer for our food. It was 10 o'clock before we even got our food! The night manager was brought out and we were basically told that they can't expect them to able to keep up with a party of 20. They knew months beforehand that we were coming and had time to prepare. It's summer, at a lake hotel, it's going to be busy, staff accordingly!!! They did nothing to compensate for their poor customer service. They wouldn't comp a meal, give us a free app or drink...nothing! The food also wasn't worth the price. Several complained in the party that it was so spicy they could barely eat and you could tell my food (except for the steak which was very good) had been sitting out for a while. I give kudos to the waitress, she was very kind and felt very bad for the food taking so long. She couldn't help it, she was just the messenger. I made sure to tip her well as the restaurant couldn't deem it fit to have another waitress help her, and she had to serve a table of 20 all by herself. They also coded a hotel room key wrong, which allowed a stranger to come into my niece's room at 3 o'clock in the morning! Thankfully, he was just drunk and mistaken and immediately left, but it leaves a huge liability issue for the hotel. The bathroom in my room had water stains on the ceiling and the balcony off of the room had a railing that was wobbly and wasp nests in the corner. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.