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Tahoe RV Rentals

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Tahoe RV Rentals is your premier source for RVs and travel trailer rentals in South Lake Tahoe. We offer delivery and setup to most campgrounds in Lake Tahoe. Drive directly to your campsite and your'e unit will be waiting and setup for you. Leave on your terms and let us handle all the cleaning and dumping of the tanks.


Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals

Tahoe RV Rentals


16' Wolf Pup Bunkhouse (compact)

This is our most compact unit while still offering a queen bed. Great for the family looking for just the basics! This unit is designed for smaller campsites with length limitations.

Daily $125.00 / night
weekly $750.00 / week
monthly $2,250.00 / month

19' Grey Wolf Rear Lounge

The economical floorplan for the smaller family or couple looking for the basic comforts while camping! Queen bed room with sofa and dinette in the rear lounge.

Daily $135.00 / night
weekly $810.00 / week
monthly $2,430.00 / month

22' Grey Wolf bunkhouse

The economical floorplan for the smaller family or couple looking for the basic comforts while camping!

Amenities include A/C, furnace, full kitchen, stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, toilet, shower, hot...

Daily $145.00 / night
weekly $870.00 / week
monthly $2,610.00 / month

23' Grey Wolf bunkhouse with 8' slide out

The intermediate floorplan for a couple up to mid size family looking some extra space.

Daily $165.00 / night
weekly $990.00 / week
monthly $2,970.00 / month

26' Grey Wolf bunkhouse with 12' slide out

A larger floorplan for the couple up to large families with needs for more comfort and room.

Daily $190.00 / night
weekly $1,140.00 / week
monthly $3,420.00 / month

26' Cherokee Rear Lounge with 12' Slide Out

Our most comfortable and luxurious couples unit. Offering ample space and seating arrangements with two captains chairs, full height slide out, dinette and sofa.

Daily $200.00 / night
weekly $1,200.00 / week
monthly $3,600.00 / month

29' Cherokee 2 Bedroom Bunkhouse with 2 Slide Out...

Our largest floorplan for the couple up to 2 small families. Great for any group looking to have the most comfort, space, and privacy.

Daily $230.00 / night
weekly $1,380.00 / week
monthly $4,500.00 / month

Tahoe RV Rentals Features

offering services at many campgrounds in South Lake Tahoe including
Camp Richardson
Zephyr Cover Resort
Tahoe Valley Campground
Campground by the Lake
Camp Shelly
Sugar Pine Point Campground

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Lake Tahoe

Terms & Conditions

CHARGES: Renter agrees to pay company based on the attached Rental Rate sheet, or the appropriate government authorities, on demand for all charges due Company under this Agreement, including but not limited to:

a) Time and mileage for the period during which renter keeps the vehicle, or a mileage charged based on our experience if the odometer or its seal is damaged, tampered with or disconnected.
b) Charges for optional products or services renter elects to purchase.
c) Propane, if Renter returns the Vehicle with less propane than when rented. (see propane and fuel)
d) Loss of, or damage to, the Vehicle which includes the cost of repair, or the actual cash value of the Vehicle based on valuation methods accepted by the auto insurance industry on the date of the loss if the Vehicle is not repairable, or if we elect not to repair the Vehicle, plus an administrative expense incurred in processing the claim, all in accordance with California Civil Code § 1936
e) Cleaning cost if the Vehicle is not returned in the same condition rented.
f) Dumping of the Black or Grey tanks.
g) Actual expenses we incur in locating and recovering the Vehicle if Renter fails to return it or Company elects to repossess the Vehicle under the terms of this Agreement.

RENTER: must be a minimum of 25 years of age.

PAYMENT: A $250 nonrefundable reservation fee will be charged to book the unit and dates. This can be applied towards your rental rates. The balance along with security deposit will be due the day of delivery.

Only Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Cash, direct bank deposit or Certified funds will be accepted for domestic rentals unless other arrangements are made. Personal checks will be accepted 14 days prior to departure.

International renters are required to use bank transfer or certified funds due 21 days prior to rental for the final balance.

RESERVATION FEE: A reservation fee of $_250___ will be made to reserve your rental vehicle and dates. $0 will be refunded if reservation is cancelled. Reservation fee can be applied towards security deposit or rental charges upon pickup.

With a minimum of 90 days notice company may elect to allow renters to gift their rental to any eligible renter of their choosing in the event of cancellation. Also with a minimum of 90 days notice company will credit 50% of the reservation fee towards any rental within 1 year.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit will be held in the amount of $_500__ dollars. Reservation fees can be applied towards security deposits or rental rates once the rental has commenced. The company may use your deposit to pay any amounts owed to us under this agreement. If the amount of the security deposit is insufficient to satisfy all amounts due then the Renter agrees to pay all charges in excess, either by personal check or authorized use of the credit card provided. Any remaining deposit will be returned within 15 days of vehicle return date as the renter specifies at the end of the agreement.

VEHICLE INSPECTION: A vehicle inspection and walk through will be made available prior to rental. Any existing vehicle damage should be noted prior to rental.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS; REPORTING TO POLICE: Renter is responsible for all damage to the Vehicle, missing equipment, and Company’s administrative expenses connected with damage claim in accordance with California Civil Code § 1936, regardless of whether or not Renter is at fault. Renter is responsible for loss due to theft of the Vehicle and all damages due to vandalism that occurs in connection with a theft, if Renter fails to exercise ordinary care while in possession of the Vehicle. Renter is responsible for damage due to vandalism not associated with theft of the Vehicle. Renter must report all accidents or incidents of theft or vandalism to the police as soon as Renter discovers them. Renter must report all accidents involving the Vehicle to us within 24 hours of occurrence.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: For pickup rentals, Renter is responsible for all damage or loss you cause to you or others. Renter has provided us with an insurance binder indicating that Renter has vehicle liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering Renter, Company, and Vehicle. Since Renter has auto liability insurance, Company provides no liability insurance.

RENTAL, INDEMNITY, AND WARRANTIES: This Agreement is a contract for the rental of the Vehicle. We may repossess the Vehicle at Renter’s expense without notice to Renter, if the Vehicle is abandoned or used in violation of law or this Agreement. Renter agrees to indemnify Company, defend Company and hold Company harmless from all claims, liability, cost and attorney fees incurred by Company resulting from, or arising out of, this rental and Renter’s use of the Vehicle. We make no warranties, express, implied or apparent regarding the vehicle, and no warranty that the vehicle is fit for a particular purpose.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Renter releases Company from all claims for loss of, or damages to, your personal property or that of any other person, that was left or carried in Vehicle.

CONDITION OF VEHICLE: Company shall provide the Vehicle in clean and operating condition. Service to the Vehicle or replacement of parts during the rental must have Company’s prior approval. Renter must check and maintain all fluid levels and tire air pressure during the rental period.

DRIVING/TOWING REQUIREMENTS: Renter must have a valid drivers license to drive the unit rented. The Renter must have the proper vehicle for towing the weight of their rental and it must be equipped with a working brake controller.

DRIVING RESTRICTIONS: The Vehicle shall not be driven outside the Continental United States or Canada. The Vehicle shall only be driven on paved roads.

PETS: Pets require a $12/night pet fee. Evidence of pets in the unit without our prior knowledge and proper fees paid will incur a charge of $500. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in loss of Security Deposit plus cost of cleanup and pet fee.

SMOKING: No smoking is allowed in the Vehicle. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in loss of Security Deposit plus cost of cleanup.

REPAIRS: In the event of a tire blowout the customer is responsible for hiring a trained professional to change the tire. Customer should never change tires. Company will refund expense of tire alone with proper receipts if due to faulty tire. We are not responsible for replacing tires due to improper care or improper driving during rental period. Renter will be responsible to replace tire with equivalent type of tire. Company does not provide road side assistance or road side tire service.

In the unlikely event of a break down, repairs under $50.00 should be completed and paid for by the renter.
Repairs over $50.00 must have prior authorization from company. Please save and submit all
receipts for repairs when you return the rental unit

DRIVER REQUIREMENTS: The vehicle can only be driven by an authorized driver 25 years of age or older possessing a valid and identifiable driver’s license. All drivers must be covered under the Renter’s insurance and will be bound by the terms and conditions of this rental agreement.

VEHICLE RETURN POLICY Rental units must be returned as scheduled. Unauthorized extensions will be charged at twice the unit's equivalent daily rate for each day or portion there of the unit is returned after the scheduled time. Rental days are based on the number of days unit is out. Check· in is before 10am. The rental must be returned in the same condition listed at the time of pickup, (clean on the interior and exterior and is in full working order). Any accrued fees will be assessed and charged against the damage deposit as follows.
Cleaning Charges $75/hour
Pet Odors: $500.00
Smoke Odors: $500.00
Each Holding Tank Not Emptied $50.00
Lost Keys: $25.00
Damage Repair $75/hour

All rentals include 5 gallons of propane. Any amount used of this initial propane is included in rental rates. Renter is responsible for any refills necessary during their stay.

APPLIANCES: The TV, AC,TV/AV equipment, awning, radio, microwave, refrigerator etc. are considered convenience items and if any malfunctions occur no compensation will be made to you.