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About SP-Rooms

We are SP-Rooms!

Your safety and wellbeing is our major concern. SP-ROOMS wants to change the way accommodation is provided for students. We want to raise people's expectations about service quality and communication. We want students to find renting a private room from us incredibly easy and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. We want their parents to have peace of mind and we want the students to recommend us to other people.

We offer you an outstanding modern living experience in one of the biggest metropoles of the world, Sao Paulo.

All our modern furnished apartments “Rita”, “Stefanie” and “Cecilia” have wide-spaced private rooms with queen size beds. A comfortable seperate living room invites you to relax with your flatmates. Get your private room with the best student housing.

We have a wide range of experience and knowledge in all areas of student housing in Sao Paulo. We are well aware of the difficulties and problems that may arise when moving to the city of Sao Paulo.

Even before your arrival, we provide you with all necessary information and we welcome you personally at your new home, making everything easier for you.

We take care of you!
Just turn the key and start enjoying your new life in Sao Paulo.

SP-Rooms – Welcome Home!






"My home is my castle". Privacy is important to you and you love to have your own bathroom? Welcome to ensuite.


"Size doesn't matter"... ;)

Our single room is small but offers all you need. If you are looking for a place to sleep and store your stuff, this room is perfect you. Sweet dreams are guaranteed.


"My little world". Our 3 beautiful decorated standard rooms make you feel at home. Everything you need; a comfortable double bed, a working desk and a lot of space for your cloth; can be found in this type of room.

Terms & Conditions

About the Agreement
1. Accepting the Agreement
1.1 By accepting this agreement, you enter into a legally binding contract with us, which for the period of residence and subject to the terms of this agreement, gives you the right to live in the accommodation and to use the common areas and residence grounds.
1.2 From the moment on you move into the accommodation, we assume that you accept the terms and conditions as well as the rental agreement.
1.3 If the agreement has been accepted by someone appearing to act on your behalf, we shall assume that you have given that person the authority to do so. Therefore the acceptance is as binding as you would have accepted the agreement unless you have notified us previously
1.4 If someone other than you pays all or part of the accommodation fee to us, whether they are a sponsor or otherwise, this will not diminish or affect your responsibilities under the agreement neither give rise to any tenancy or other rights benefiting that third party.
2. Data protection
We will not disclose sensitive personal information. We will allow you to inspect certain information that we held about you and you can ask us to correct or record your disagreement with the information we keep.
Our Responsibilities
3. Services & facilities
During the period of residence we will provide the services and facilities set out below. We will not be liable, however, for any failure or interruption to any services or facilities, or for any losses arising from such failure or interruption, if the failure or interruption is due to reasons outside our control. Reasons outside our control would include, for example, mechanical breakdown, failure, malfunction, shortages of fuel or materials or labor disputes, repair, replacement, renewal, servicing, inspection or testing of the systems used to provide the services.
3.1 We will make sure that the structure and exterior of the accommodation and the residence are kept repaired.
3.2 We will keep the residence grounds tidy and, as far as if reasonably practicable, free from waste or litter.
3.3 We will keep the footpaths in the residence grounds in repair and, as far as if reasonably practicable, free from obstruction.
3.4 We will provide adequate bathroom facilities in the residence and the accommodation and make sure that they are kept repaired and in working order at all time. Depending upon the type of accommodation, these facilities will be either shared with other students (Single and Standard Rooms) or privately (Ensuite).
3.5 In some residences and/or accommodation we will provide shared kitchen facilities. Where we will provide and maintain adequate facilities for the preparation, cooking and storage, including cold storage of food and beverages.
3.6 We will make sure that all fixtures and fittings for water, gas, electricity, space and water heating in the accommodation and residence are kept repaired and in working order at all time.
3.7 We will provide an adequate supply of hot water for domestic use.
3.8 We will provide reasonably adequate heat to the radiators during the period of residence. This means that the heating will not be switched on at all time and will be turned off during the summer period.
3.9 We will make sure that the common areas are kept repaired and cleaned.
4. Insurance
We will insure the residence against fire and other risks that we reasonably consider as necessary. We will not insure for your personal belongings and you are responsible for taking out such insurance covering yourself at your own costs.
Your Responsibilities
5. Accommodation Fee
5.1 You must pay the accommodation fee during the period of residence on time and in accordance to the payment terms set in your rental agreement.
5.2 If the whole or any part of the accommodation fee remains unpaid in breach of the payment terms, we will charge you an administrative charge of $BRL 10/day.
6. Advance Payment
With accepting this agreement you can choose paying monthly or the complete period of stay at once in advance.
7. Inventory
You agree to check, sign and return the inventory as specified in the handbook. We shall assume that the inventory is complete if you have not notified the office (as appropriate) within 48 hours after your check-­‐in date.
8. Sharing the Accommodation
8.1 You agree not to transfer your rights under this agreement or sublet the accommodation and you also agree not to allow any person other than:
8.1.1 the persons named in the booking, or otherwise agreed with us; or
8.1.2 (in case of a shared room) with the student who has entered into a separate rental agreement with us in respect of the room.
9. Visitors and Guests
9.1 You are responsible for the behavior, in the accommodation, the residence, the residence grounds and the local neighborhood surrounding the residence, of any invited guest (whether the invitation is expressed or implied).
You are not allowed to give your keys to your guests and guests are not allowed to stay in the accommodation without you being present.
You must ensure that your guests do not break the terms of this agreement. If they do, you may be held responsible for any damage, undue wear and tear, or disturbance caused. You and that person could face legal actions. Also, it may result from this agreement being terminated early.
9.2 You agree not to allow anyone other than one occasional adult guest to stay overnight, for no more than two consecutive nights, provided this does not adversely affect other residents or disrupt study. We reserve the right to withdraw this privilege on 48 hours’ notice if in our reasonable opinion it is necessary to do so for the safety and wellbeing of other occupants of the residence and/or to safeguard our property.
10. Respect to others
You agree to have and to show respect for other persons living and/or working in the residence at all times including (but not limited to):
10.1 Not doing anything that causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to your Neighbors;
10.2 Not doing anything, which interferes with the peace, comfort, or convenience of your neighbors including (but not limited to) behavior under alcohol, foul and/or
abusive language and/or inconsiderate or inappropriate parking of vehicles;
10.3 Keeping noise at a level that does not disturb your flatmates or neighbors. In particular, you agree not to make or allow any loud noise between 11pm and 8am. You agree to reduce the level of noise immediately if we asked you to do so;
10.4 You agree not to smoke in the accommodation or the residence or within a radius of two meters of any door or window;
10.5 You agree not to throw anything from the balconies or windows of either the accommodation or the residence;
11. Safety and security
It is your responsibility to ensure that the accommodation and the residence are safe and secure to live in. Therefore you must report if you lost your keys. You must pay for the cost of issuing replacement lost/stolen keys.
12. When you leave
At the end of the agreement you agree: 12.1 to vacate the accommodation by 2pm.
12.2 to return all keys. If keys are not returned we will have to either fit new locks or replace the key fob and we will charge you with the full costs for this;
12.3 to leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition, having removed all your belongings and rubbish from the accommodation, and to leave all items listed in the inventory list in the same condition as they have been at the start of the period of residence, except for fair wear and tear. If you leave any rubbish in the accommodation, you agree that we can dispose of this.
Our Rights
13. Access & Inspection
We have the right to enter the accommodation to clean, inspect, repair and show your room on open days and visit afternoons or for any other reasonable purpose at reasonable hours of the day. If we wish to exercise this right we will, whenever reasonably practical, give you at least 48 hours written notice (but whenever possible we will aim to give you 7 days’ notice) before entering the accommodation. In that notice we will state the date and purpose of the visit. Advanced notice will not be given in the case of an emergency.
Your right to end this agreement early
14. Right to cancel
Under the distance selling regulations, if you accept this agreement by sending a copy of your passport, you may cancel the agreement within 7 days. Accepting this agreement provides that you give us written notice of your intention to do so within those 7 days. After that period, you do not have the right to change your mind and the agreement is valid and all costs need to be covered by you.
15. Right to terminate
If you wish to terminate your agreement before the end of the period of residence by providing a suitable replacement occupier, you can do so by letting us know at least 3 month in advance.
Our right to end this agreement early
16. Right to Cancel
We may terminate this agreement in any of the following circumstances: if you have failed to pay the accommodation fee; or if you have committed a serious breach or have persistently breached the conditions of this agreement
Accommodation fee
17. Terms and conditions concerning payment of Accommodation Fee
Your accommodation fee must be paid either in full, (i.e. in one installment), by the due date as stated in the booking; or in monthly, termly or quarterly installments in accordance with the payment stated in your reservation.
18. Terms and conditions concerning payment of Deposit
Your Deposit must be paid at the time of accepting the agreement on the date of your arrival.