Donot Use

Squamish, BC

About Donot Use

- To have fun in a safe environment.
- To see if you like sailing.
- You may obtain a certification seal in your CYA logbook to begin your path to chartering or owning your own boat with confidence.

- None

- $149 per person (2 person minimum)
- 10% off if booking 3 or 4 people

Where We Go
- After learning a thing or two about safety, we head out for a fun filled day of sailing. You will be acting as skipper and crew. You take the helm, you hoist the sails, you trim the sheets (ropes used to adjust the angle of the sail)... Basically you do everything. I will simply be there to instruct in order to keep things safe for all onboard. Remember the goal of the day is to have fun and get a taste of sailing.

- To keep costs as low as possible, it's a "Bring your own food" format.


  Per Course Notes
Standard Rates
(1/1/12 - 12/31/14)
CAD149.00 Standard rates