Reviews for Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Limon, Costa Rica

 Please do research before entering

Review by jesoose on 9/15/17 7:07 PM

I have had confirmation from people who have been there recently first hand that the sloths here are not properly taken care of and this sanctuary is more of a tourist trap. There used to be google reviews supporting my opinion but they had them removed just like the comments on their website. there are however articles out there, one in particular by the dodo exposing the sloths improper care, wrong diet resulting in sickness, cramped cages with other sloths resulting in injuries which go untreated... please do your research first before endorsing this sanctuary. I have very good reason to believe they are just using the sloths for profit just like elephant trekking. If you are interested in elephant trekking please do research on what happens to the elephants for you to ride them too, they are literally tortured and trip adviser has only now just been given a slap on the wrist for promoting ticket sales for elephant trekking. I have tried to post this review on trip adviser and ofcourse they wont allow it. Trip adviser and the sloth sanctuary of costa rica have been very good at silencing the bad reviews but i think anyone who genuinely cares about animals has a right to be aware that this place still be the place that sloths go to die.