Skyhigh Tandems

Johannesburg, South Africa

About Skyhigh Tandems

Skyhigh Tandems is located at:

Skyhigh Tandems
36 Sussex road
Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: 0027 71 689 4340




Terms & Conditions

We run full operation on weekends, at Johannesburg Skydiving Club which is situated in Carletonville, about 90 Km from Johannesburg CBD. We start-up around 8am on Saturday morning and skydive all weekend weather permitting. In summer mornings are the best, as early as possible. During winter we only jump after 9am.
Google Maps and get interactive directions.,+Carletonville,+2499,+South+Africa&ll=-26.366546999999997,27.349884&z=15

A short briefing is given before we take the tandem passenger to 11 000(3.3Km) feet above ground. The freefall consists of a 7000 foot fall at 200 kph which takes about 40 seconds. The tandem is landed a few metres in front of the spectator area. The entire jump including a close up of the freefall and landing is filmed and edited with music and slow
motion and burnt onto a DVD which is available 45 minutes after landing.

If you haven’t picked up on the cost of the tandems there are 3 options,

Package T - R1570 - R570 Deposit to secure booking - Tandem no camera.
Package TH - R1950 - R950 Deposit to secure booking - Tandem with DVD and Photo's. The Tandem master wears 2 GoPro camera on his wrist. The whole skydive is captured with pictures and video which will be professionally edited and burnt onto a DVD which is available 45 minutes after landing.
Package TDS - R2210 - R1210 Deposit to secure booking – Tandem with Camera. A camera man comes out with us and video’s the whole skydive and take pictures with a high res camera which will be professionally edited and burnt onto a DVD which is available 30 minutes after landing.

Please email the date you want to jump and how many of each package, whether it is 1 or 30, once we have booked your seats on the plane we will send you a reference number and bank account details for the deposit.

Payment can be done on the day by cash for the out standing balance or if you would like to pay electronically then use the account with reference number at least 3 days before. Prices are subject to change depending on fuel prices and flying costs and can only be guaranteed for 30 days.

If there is no deposit there is no booking.

If there is bad weather or we cannot do the jump it will be rescheduled to a time slot that is convenient and your deposit will be kept safe.

Please don’t be late as you will forfeit your deposit if the plane takes off without you.
There are no refunds and bookings are valid

Please note that the maximum passenger weight that we can accommodate is 95 kg's if the passenger is relatively muscular we can go up to a absolute maximum of 100kg. Under 21's require parental consent. I can take kids from about nine
years of age depending on the child’s readiness.

We recommend you bring a picnic basket and or braai ingredients as there can be up to a 4 hour delay. There are 6 braai facilities available. We do have a canteen that can provide soft drinks and food. We have a licensed bar that opens around at 10 am so no private alcohol on the airfield, please let me make a point to mention that you will not enjoy your tandem if you are intoxicated.

Jumpers must wear flat soled lace up shoes (with no hooks) and comfortable clothing. Contact lenses and spectacles are not a problem. We will provide goggles and a jump suit that goes over the jumpers clothing. I do not recommend doing a tandem with a hangover and if you are prone to motion sickness then I suggest that you take the appropriate medication beforehand. In addition if you suffer from blocked sinus then I recommend that you take a decongestant beforehand such as Sudafed or Sinuclear.

If you suffer from motion sickness Stugeron is generally the best. Needs to be taken 1 hour before & is available over-the-counter at pharmacies.

Please call me if there is anything you wish to discuss.

The Tandems Master reserves the right to call off any Tandems he believes will put his, the passengers or any persons life in danger.