Hotel Century-Executive

Udupi, India

Hotel Century-Executive, Udupi

About Hotel Century-Executive

1. Complimentary breakfast
2. All rooms are Wi-Fi enabled
3. All rooms are air-conditioned
4. Cable TV in all rooms with LCD panel television
5. Room Service (call 333)
6. Electric kettles in all rooms with complimentary tea/cofee/milk/sugar satchets (sugarfree satchets available on request)
7. Filtered drinking water in every room.
6. Liquid soap & shampoo (bar soap on request)

Valet Parking
We have ample covered parking space with security and wash room for drivers.

We can customise many of our features such as car rentals, tours and ticketing as per your requirements. Holiday packages can be planned and organised with scheduled visits to temples/other places of interest.


Hotel Century-Executive, Udupi

Hotel Century-Executive, Udupi

Well-appointed rooms

Well-appointed rooms



Twin-bedded deluxe room @ INR 1299.00


Twin bedded spacious rooms with meeting table @ INR 1299.00


Two rooms with three beds and a meeting room with massager and jacuzzi plus free Internet facility @ INR 1299.00

Plan 1

Twin-bedded A/C room, suitable for executives on the move @ INR 999.00. Standard Check-in. Booking Seven Days in Advance.

Hotel Century-Executive Features

Simply Stay Your way. Only one rate for different room types: Rs 1299. Complimentary breakfast, all rooms are Wi-Fi enabled, air-conditioned with cable TV in all rooms with LCD panel television. Also, electric kettles in all rooms with complimentary tea/cofee/milk/sugar satchets (sugarfree satchets available on request, filtered drinking water in every room.

Hotel Century-Executive Attractions

Udupi Shri Krishna Temple at walking distance, Malpe beach, Kaup light house, St Mary's island, Maaravanthe beach, Kollur temple, elephant training centre, etc.

Terms & Conditions

Book online (click here) or by telephone (+91 9343360080). Notify time of check in and check out. Transfer funds or deposit cheque (local only) in your nearest branch of Bank of Baroda, A/c: --. Confirmation will be e-mailed to you on clearance. Extension of stay is welcome, subject to availability. Upgrade without cancellation charges.

Check In & Check Out
Normal Checkout charges (12:00 noon): 100%
Specific Checkout (6 am to 9 pm): 100%
Request Checkout charges (12 hours): 70%
Express Checkout (less than 6 hours): 50%
Flexi Stay: 10% of normal charges for each extended hour.
(Rates for peak/non-peak seasons may differ, refer to Rooms page before booking.)

Refund Rules
1. No refunds for cancellation of rooms booked for Saturdays/Sundays or public holidays.
2. No refunds in case of cancellation less than 24 hours.
3. Cancellation betwen 24 hours and 7 days: 50% refund.
4. Cancellation before 7 days: 75% refund.

Other terms
a) 25% refund on normal fare in case of events beyond our control like failure of A/C, Power or Lift.
b) Refunds applicable on basic tariffs or discounted tariff, whichever is less.
c) To keep our rates low, services such as laundry, restaurant, taxi, valet parking, etc., are outsourced to third parties. We are not to be held responsible for any deficiences in such services and complaints, if any, are to be taken up directly with such third parties.
d) Your belongings, including but not limited to jewellery, important documents, bag and baggage, etc., are your sole responsibility. We are not held responsible in any way for loss or theft of these.

Other information:
*All disputes subject to the jurisdiction of Udupi only.