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 Unprofessional - Stay Away

Review by K on 5/23/16 9:22 AM

I have not even dealt with this company and I am turned off already. They are absolutely unprofessional. They have 3 different numbers. If you call 305-318-4968, the gentleman who answers the phone seems to be clueless that he is operating a luxury rental. No manners, no professionalism. I repeated the name of the company twice as to give him a clue that I was a potential customer. Needless to say, he failed to pick up on the clue. I finally just said never mind. Dude, tighen up!! If you call (305) 608-8178, the guy tells you to call the other number ending in 4968. When I told him that I did and the guy seemed clueless, he says "let me call him"...Are you serious? Why do you have your number listed for the business if you are no help. And when you call (305) 332-0592 (the number on their website), you get no answer and you are unable to leave a voicemail. This is disastrous. Here they are talking about the fact that they serve the entire S FL area. I would be surprised if they rented anything to people who were not just desperate for a rental and couldn't get one anywhere else. Don't let a decent website and advertising gimmicks like "serving the whole South Florida area" fool you. I am all for supporting small businesses especially those ran by minorities, but get yo life right if you want to be taken seriously. What a disaster! So sorry I wasted my money by pre-paying for a car rental for this joke of a business. The only shame in rating this business is the fact that they don't have "negative star ratings". To rate them 1 star is a understatement.

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