Moon Session: Stout Tent Cot with Sleeping Kit


Dates for Moon session are June 22 - 26, 2023

Cot Package Includes the Following:
- 1 Standard Camping Cot
- 1 Sleeping Bag
- 1 Pillow with Pillow Case
- 1 Wool Throw Blanket

*You'll pick up your Cot Package upon arrival at the Spirit Weavers Gathering, information will be emailed to you before your arrival.

REFUND POLICY - There will be no refunds upon booking. If you would like to transfer your ticket you may do so through private sales and then email with your name, reservation number, and the new guest's name and email address.

Booking information

BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the arrow on the calendar to go to the month of the event: JUNE 2023. Select the session start date on the calendar, then see more information about dates. Price is a flat rate for all days - Moon Session is 6/22 - 6/26, 2023. Select dates in Timeslot box, then hit Next to continue booking.