Stout Tent Cot with Sleeping Kit


Cot Package Includes the Following:
- 1 Standard Camping Cot
- 1 Sleeping Bag
- 1 Pillow with Pillow Case
- 1 Wool Throw Blanket

*You'll pick up your Cot Package upon arrival at the Spirit Weavers Gathering, information will be emailed to you before your arrival.

REFUND POLICY - In conjunction with the Spirit Weaver policy we are unable to offer Refunds. Guests may transfer their accommodation to another attendee.

Booking information

BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the arrow on the calendar to go to the month of the event: JUNE 2022. Select the perferred session start date on the calendar, then see more information about dates. Price is a flat rate for all days - Sun Session is 6/2-6/6 or Moon Session is 6/9-6/13. Select dates in Timeslot box, then hit Next to continue booking.