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1/2 Day Whitewater Rafting

We go straight to the rapids for an exciting time on the Colorado River.

Canyon/Paddle Combo

Desert exploring adventure as we hike, climb, rappel, and explore the desert. Then stand up paddling through the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Climb/Paddle Combo

Moab is a rock climbing mecca, come join us for a fun morning rock climbing at some of our favorite Moab rock climbing areas. Then stand up paddling through the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Hike/Paddle Combo

Hike up and over the Moab Rim. Let us show you prehistoric rock art and amazing views. We will have lunch and then go stand up paddling through the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Flatwater Fun

A lovely float down the Colorado River. This is a flat water float so you do not need to worry about any rapids. Great for the entire family.

Splish and Splash

Our most popular trip. Waves, currents, and eddies this one is good for all abilities You will encounter four sets of waves and have to maneuver your way down the river. This is a fun section guaranteed to get you wet.

Whitewater SUP

So you are ready to give your SUP skills a kick of adrenaline? Well, just add whitewater. Class 2/3 rapids on the Fisher Tower section of the Colorado River is a great place to experience the thrill of whitewater SUP.

Entrajo Canyoneering

Potholes, some easy scrambling, rappelling, wading, and swimming. This sandstone slot canyon is the perfect spot for anyone looking to try desert canyoneering.

Medieval Chamber

Rappel into the Medieval Chamber. Starting on petrified sand dunes and ending in a lush canyon this is a must do Moab Canyoneering route

Full Day Whitewater Rafting

A full day of whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.

1/2 Day Whitewater Kayaking

Get up close and personal with the Colorado River. Our inflatable kayak tour gets you into the action. You are in control of your single or double kayak down the Fisher Tower's section of the Colorado River.

Labarynth Canyon

Surround yourself for 4 days/3 nights in the red rock canyons of southern Utah.
Choose from (3) launches: May 31, August 30, or October 4, 2019.

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