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Site 2: Rock Island

This is a remote, scenic island of about twenty acres. Camping is on the west side of the island in a small cleared area with a fire ring, partially shaded by live oaks.

Site 3: Spring Warrior Creek

This campsite is nestled along scenic Spring Warrior Creek about a half mile north of the town of Spring Warrior. Campers will enjoy a full view of the river and night sky.

Site 4: Sponge Point

Just past Keaton Beach, Sponge Point is an island-like hardwood hammock connected to the mainland only by salt marsh. Camping is in a shaded grove of live oaks. There may be evidence of rooting by feral hogs.

Site 5: Dallus Creek

Located in a remote hammock at the mouth of Dallus Creek, one must reach the campsite by walking down a cleared trail through needlerush. Camping is in a grassy area beneath weathered live oaks.

Site 7: Sink Creek

Camping is in a scenic hardwood hammock along Sink Creek. One can take long hikes behind the campsite along the edge of the marsh and several other hammocks. The area is remote and wild.

Site 8: Butler Island

Camping is beneath mature cedars, live oaks and palms near huge shell middens left by early Native Americans. The coontie palm, a protected species, is present, but beware of poison ivy.

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