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Block Party Trailer

The Block Party Trailer has everything you need to host a block party except the food, people and fun!

Neighborhood Movie Chest

The Neighborhood Movie Chest has everything you need to host a movie night. However, residents will have to provide their own movie.

NOTE: Weekend pick ups are unavailable because City Hall is closed.

Lawn Mower

This equipment is intended to be used to prevent or remediate violations to the City's code of ordinances which help maintain the health and safety of the residents of the City of Round Rock.

Fence Staining Kit

The kit contains a pressure washer and paint sprayer.

Curb Painting Kit

The Curb Painting Program was initiated to improve safety in Round Rock neighborhoods by making sure that the Fire Department, EMS, and Police can quickly locate homes in an emergency.

Pole Saw

Electric Jaw Saw (with or without extension)

Pressure Washer

Electric Portable Pressure Washer and Extension Cord

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