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Camino Package

Accommodation in either the glamping-temple or the shared apartment together with a surfcourse at an unbeatable rate (minimum stay: 7 nights)

Glamping Temple

The Glamping Temple mean camping on a luxury level: glamping = "glamorous camping" - and this is what it is: the handmade moroccan Beduin-Tents are placed on a levelled wooden floor and provides plenty of space for two p...

Shared Apartment

The Shared Apartments offer Dormitories (up to four people; with bunk-beds) and Two-Bedrooms (two individual beds; no doublebeds!). Further there is a shared bathroom, a shared kitchen and a salon on site.

Casa Mamut

Surf Hostel right next to Camino's Base Camp and only 300m from the beach.

Apartment (2-3 Personen)

The small apartments for up to three people offer a two-bedroom and a sleep-in-kitchen with an extra-bed. There is a kitchen and a bathroom available.

Apartment (4-5 Persons)

The large apartments are suited for up to five people (with one dorm-room with bunk-bed and individual bed and a two-bedroom)
The apartments are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and a salon and are located right next...

Bungalow 2/3 Person

Perfectly suited for couples or small families. One bedroom with two individual beds and one extra-bed. Small kitchen, bathroom, toilet and veranda.

Bungalow 4/5 Person

Perfect for families. One doublebed-room; one room with bunk-bed and single-bed; bathroom, kitchen, toilet, veranda.

Bungalow 6/7 Person

Perfectly suited for big groups or big families. One room with a double-bed, two rooms with bunk-beds and an extra single-bed-room. Further there is a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and a veranda.

Surfcourse Beginner

Get on Board with the beginner surf-course. Qualified instructors. Equipment included.

Surfcourse Intermediate

Improve your surfing and get ready for those green waves! Equipment included!

Surfcourse Advanced

Cut-back, Snap, Floater? This is the course for you! Wide range of boards to test!

Surfcourse Kids

This course is specifically designed for kids between 7 and 14 years.


Wide range of boards available: Longboards, Malibus, Funboards, Shortboards, Fish, etc.

Surfboard+Wetsuit Rental

Wide range of boards and wetsuits in all sizes and of high quality at an attractive price

Culinario Package

rich breakfast, sandwich for the day and luscious dinner - the 7'6" Culinario-Package does it!

Culinario Breakfast + Packed Lunch

rich and healthy breakfast and packed lunch for the day

Culinario Package Dinner

This is just the dinner option without breakfast and lunch.
Please indicate next whether you are vegetarian or not.

Culinario Package Kids

For children up to 12 years. Includes breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Surf'n'Roll Music and Surf Workshop

Sports meets Music: half day of surfing, half day playing the instrument of your choice!


Recover your body with soothing Yoga-sessions.

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