Joint Park Hall/Area 2


**This shelter requires an access code**

*Residential Rates only applies to Caledonia and Mt. Pleasant, you will be called if incorrectly selected**

The Caledonia-Mount Pleasant Park is located at 9614 Hwy K in Franksville, WI. and is available on an area rental basis. This park is jointly owned by the Villages of Caledonia and Mount Pleasant. This 55 acre park dedicated in 1952 features 5 covered picnic shelters and a small banquet hall that is rent-able year round. This park hosts a variety of events. The Park Commission collaborates with other area organizations to bring activities that every resident can enjoy. Take the time to visit and admire the 100 year old oak tree’s behind the main hall or enjoy a picnic lunch as the children play on the kid-designed 20,000 square foot Kids Connection Community Built playground located within the park.

Booking information

The Hall has a maximum capacity of 183 people, and there are 130 chairs for seating.