Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Portable Oxygen Concentrator requires a prescription. The EverGo weighs under 10 lbs with the pull behind cart and 7 lbs with the carry strap. The liter flow max rate is 6LPM. The device has a two on board batteries and is approved by the FAA for Airline Travel. A Liter Flow of 2 Liters has a battery life of around 5-7 hours. The device can be charing while it is in use and an extended 25" cannula allows the patient to be as far away as 25' away from the machine. We have several models available depending on the patients needs. We will spend the time to educate you on safe use at no extra charge. Image shown and models are subject to change.

Booking information

No money is due at this time. The Fee for your Equipment Rental is due upon first date of service which can be paid in our retail store or upon delivery. We accept cash, personal check and major credit cards. Please note a major credit card must be provided at the start of a new rental period.

Please note a prescription from your Primary Care Physician or Pulmonologist is required for this service is required.