Granny Pontoon - Weekday


Weekday (Monday-Thursday) Granny Pontoon Price is without Captain

Boaters' drivers/captains are required to be listed on the contracts that addresses damage, and will be self-insured.

Max Capacity 9 guests; (8 guests + Capt) 1800 LBS. maximum

ALL BOAT DRIVERS must follow Gov Pritzger's NEW mandates requiring (2) years boat driving experience coupled with Boaters License or Boater Safety Course Test of 90% for every driver. Submit your test Page to us Prior to Departure...See our Captain's Page: Who's Your Captain? for Course Links.

If you elect to hire a captain, captain counts against the capacity.

Captain Options for Hire
Capt Lemzar: 224.607.7416
Capt Mason 954.395.3765
Capt Kevin 708.362-0293
Capt Silviu 773.715.0708
Capt Mike: 630.379.6226
Capt Dustin 630.460.1168
Capt Matt: 315.806.3778
Capt David 312.259.5326

Booking information

Who’s Your Captain? Your driver must have one of the following:
* 2 years experience & formal boater education course w exam of 90% or better performance on test; or
* a State Boaters License from ANY US State
* client hire a professional USCG captain...see captain's list on our captain's page.

1. We go rain or shine. With lightning, we will after it passes. Sr. Captain making the call. If client leaves and doesn't return that day, the rental and monies are forfeited.
2. No refunds out two-weeks of the event.
3. 50% Refund from 2 weeks and a 1 day to 3 weeks out from the event.
4. Full refund over 3 weeks and 1 day or more remaining.