*New* Pre-Travel Concierge Service


Available for travel to Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Lucia! Your Concierge is available over the phone or via messaging to assist in all of your pre-travel, travel and arrival needs. Your Concierge will review your requirements and assist you with a check list of items to ensure all have been completed prior to travel, which will include:

- Specific COVID-19 travel requirements and protocols for your destination
- Recommendations for approved COVID-19 testing facilities close to your
home, which should return the results within the prescribed time
- Passport and visa requirements
- Assistance with completing and up-loading arrival forms and
documentation, including PCR test results
- Detailed explanation of Airline check-in and destination arrival process
- Assistance with Fast Track arrival and departure service, if required (additional cost)
- Information on your destination’s COVID-19 protocols, quarantine requirements and any related costs
- Assistance with quarantine requirements and arrangements, if required (additional cost)
- Assistance with additional post arrival test booking, if required (additional cost)
- Contact with Embassy & Consular services, if required
- Assistance in navigating new protocols and travel advisories as they are announced
- Foreign currency exchange rates
- General destination information and assistance