Ski-Toon 150 hp


****CREST Tri-Toon with 150 HP YAMAHA MOTOR*****
(Strongest motors on Pickwick Lake)

Tri-Toon pontoon boat with 150 hp Yamaha 4-Stroke motor and Luxury seating.
This pontoon has easy-hook aft ski and tube mount.

--MAX. Boat Occupant Load: 12 Persons or 2115 lbs.. "BUT" The more weight the slower the boat and more gas burn. RECOMMEND 8 Persons. Life jackets for 8 furnished.

-Size: Approx. 25' Long 8' Wide with three pontoons
-Fuel Tanks: Approx. 30 gal (regular gas)
-Equipment: 8 AK1 life jackets, paddle, fire extinguisher, radio (AM/FM, Bluetooth) "No CD Player"
-This Ski-Toon boat has: anchor, ladder, seating for 12 people, and soft-top.

-(Must be 21 or accompanied by an adult)
-Holidays must be paid-in-full
-Rent 2 days and keep over night
-A day is from 8:30 AM until 4:30. Rent a boat for 2 days and you can keep it overnight.
-How far can I go in the boat, do you have boundaries? "YES" WATERFALL TO THE NORTH, WATERLOO TO THE SOUTH. This is where you're covered for mechanical problems, you go outside these areas and break down, we will repair it or tow you, but at your expense.

*****You are liable for any and all damage while in your possession*****

Booking information

Boats leave with a full fuel tank. You will be re-fueled and charged for fuel used.