Lodge + Deck rental in 2023


Lodge + Deck rental starts at $400 for up to 50 people Monday-Thursday, every person thereafter is $4 per head. Friday-Sunday starts at $600 for 50 people, $8 per person thereafter. Maximum 225 people. Available seven days a week from 8AM-10PM. Can be combined with other spaces to accommodate more guests.

Add on the Courtyard or portion of the Lawn for more space and higher headcount.
Lodge rental includes 10 rectangular 6-foot tables, 70 folding chairs, access to attached indoor restrooms and use of the kitchen prep space. The covered deck has a dozen movable wooden benches and ceiling fans. Select up to 12 hours per day between 8am and 10pm.

Booking information

Minimum payment is for 50 people and 3 hours. Rent up to 12 hours per day for no additional fee. Remember to account for setup and cleanup during the timeline you reserve.
See the terms & conditions page for full details. Rental fees must be paid in full upon reservation. Security/cleaning deposit is due 2 weeks prior to rental start date.