campsite 22


Our newest tent site nestled in the back of the campground located above site #20. This site is up a rather steep incline so make sure your car is one that can make it up. Large trucks will have a hard time making the turn. Short cars may bottom out. There are two tent areas. This site is for normal on ground tenting. Truck tents will not work well here as the parking is sloped.
Absolutely NO RV's allowed in this site and please do not attempt to park your car in the tent area. It is made of fill and will not hold the weight. Thank you.

Booking information

Due to the huge increase of fraudulent credit cards and no show reservations we have dealt with, we are now charging a $20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all site reservations. This fee will automatically apply to your base fee towards your camping. Please note, however, if you cancel, it will not be refunded. We do still require a 72 hour cancellation notice to not be charged for the remainder of the 1st night's base fee. If given 72hours notice for cancellation, we will not charge you for the amount over the $20 non-refundable deposit.

Please note, we charge the same for everyone including babies, lawyers, children, grandparents, etc.

Visitors to your site are welcome for one hour. After that, they become guests and you will need to pay for them and they must fall within the 6 person site limit.