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Lessee(s) and operator(s) are at least 18 years of age.
If the weather is inclement for a period of greater than 1 (one) hour of the rental period, AND the rental is in the first half of the scheduled rental period, the reservation can be rescheduled with no penalty for the period of time that the rental period was reduced by the inclement weather. After the halfway point of the scheduled rental period, the rental is considered fulfilled and no rescheduling of lost rental time will be provided for. Weekday reschedules will be for another weekday. Weekend reschedules may be for either weekday or weekend. Refunds or partial refunds will not be processed due to inclement weather, unless the renter holds a state issued ID from a state other than Minnesota or an ID from an
adjacent state to Minnesota (South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa). Lessee's with a state issued ID from Minnesota or an adjacent state to Minnesota, are not eligible for a refund, but will have the option of rescheduling the rental, if the weather meets the definition of enduring inclement weather. Inclement weather is defined as enduring (longer than 1 hour) heavy rain with lightning, hail, winds at 25 mph or greater. Inclement weather lasting one hour or less, does not qualify for a reschedule or refund. Low temperatures does not qualify as inclement weather. Light to moderate rainfall does not qualify as inclement weather. Due to inaccuracies, weather forecasts of inclement weather are not used.
High water and river-wide no-wake orders. When the St. Croix river crests above 83', the DNR issues a river-wide no-wake order. This means that boats must travel at speed of no greater than 5 miles per hour. Because boating is permissible, albeit at reduced speeds, during high water and river-wide no-wake orders, no refunds or reschedules will be permitted. Rentals will continue unimpeded during high water and no-wake periods.

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