Sanctuary Cruises Whale Watching

Moss Landing, California

Here's a Humpback whale during one of our Spring / Summer trips.

About Sanctuary Cruises Whale Watching

Join us for a 4-5 hour tour observing whales, dolphins and other sea creatures. We're currently running Thursday through Monday, plus all holidays.

We run 7 days a week for groups of 8 or more, and can build a trip around smaller groups, so please email or call if you'd like to schedule a special day.

We also offer very personal memorial services with our very talented marine biologist, fiddle player and vocalist Dorris Welch. Dorris is one of the owners of Sanctuary Cruises.


Here's a Humpback whale during one of our Spring / Summer trips.

Here's a Humpback whale during one of our Spring / Summer trips.


Adults and Children 13 and up

Adults and children 13 years old and up.


Children 5-12 years old

Children 5 years old to 12 years old.

Terms & Conditions

We have a 72 hour cancellation policy. You may cancel or change your reservation up until the last 72 hours without charge. If a credit needs to be issued, it will be done within 48 hours of notice of cancellation. It will show up on your account 3 days later (credit card company policy).

You are committed to your reservation the last 72 hours. Cancellation within the last 72 hours is subject to a 100% charge.
Parties with guaranteed reservations who fail to show or arrive too late and miss the cruise will be charged the full price.

Our cruises are on the Monterey Bay and surrounding Pacific Ocean. These are exposed waters and there is the chance of rough water, wind, rain, fog and other weather.

Weather forecasts often prove to be inaccurate, so we usually wait until the day of the cruise to determine whether we will run. Cruises are very rarely canceled due to weather. San Francisco Bay Area weather is not Monterey Bay weather. Even San Jose weather is not Monterey Bay weather. Each can experience very different weather. Most of the time, there is more rain in the S.F. Bay Area than on the central coast.

If you're not sure you want to participate in the cruise because of the weather forecast or other commitments, you may elect to go standby, meaning your reservation is not guaranteed. You'll be required to wait at the dock until cruise time to see if there's room. You'll need to bring cash as payment.

Captains are Coast Guard licensed Vessel Masters. Our vessels are fully insured and carry all of the required safety equipment such as life jackets with lights, life rafts and Emergency Position Radio Beacon.

Captains determine safety of conditions for the cruise. If the captain determines conditions are not safe for the cruise, it will be canceled. This may happen at the last moment as conditions are constantly changing. However, if a major storm comes through and we're sure the night before that we won't be running the next day, we will call you and cancel in advance. There is no charge to you if we cancel the day's cruise due to weather. In the event of cancellation of the cruise due to weather during the first two hours of the cruise, you will receive a full refund or rain check for another day. There are no refunds or rain checks after the first two hours of the cruise.