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 Dishonest liars and cheaters.

Review by Frank on 9/3/14 10:02 PM

There is a reason they are the cheapest place to rent in San Diego. They are 100% untrustworthy and manipulative. We rented a 31' Granite Ridge RV for Burning Man, the RV was used only in the desert and we spent 5 hours cleaning it and washing it prior to returning it to the Rental Facility. We were told by Roxanne that we could keep it till Tuesday since it was Labor Day weekend and they were closed on Monday. When we returned the RV they charged us a cleaning fee of $330 dollars (3 hours at $110 hr) to clean Grass from the carpets and bed (We were no-where near grass the entire week) they charged us for a broken generator knob (Our generator had no knob, it had a switch which worked just fine) we were charged additional days and forgot they told us we could keep the RV till Tuesday and they nickle and dimed us with multiple other fee's and penalty's. They have terrible customer service and if they have been in business for 20 years like they claim then I am utterly shocked as to how that is possible.

 Zero Stars

Review by harleypjr on 12/18/13 6:54 PM

Zero Stars from me. We rented a motorhome from them for Thanksgiving week. We went to the desert dry camping. I told them in advance of the dry camping, no hookups. When I arrived on time to pick up the rental it wasn't ready. They were working on the generator and the rental hadn't been washed yet. Also the tailer hitch I had requested a week in advance wasn't available. I had to drive to Escondido and pick it up myself. Upon receiving the rental the generator was very hard to start. I called them and they said keep trying.......................... After the first night the batteries were dead. The generator was run all day, it would run intermittently, and never could charge the batteries. I had at least 15 phone call with them to try and solve the issue. I was coached on what to do by both the owner and the lot guy Bart. I finally got the batteries semi charged by running the motor in addition to the generator. The following day I was given the option of returning the rental, replacing the rental, or keeping it and being compensated for my problems. By then it was the day before Thanksgivng and thanks to friends we were camping with we made the rental work out. The inverter would't work, and the generator would only run for so long. Not giving us the comfort we had expected or paid for. I had talked to Bart, the lot guy, numerous times. He showed me how to operate all the functions and I asked all the questions I could. I talked to the owner Mike about my problems, he walked me through them. After returning the rental, I asked for some compensation for our troubles. After a week and a half and lot's of phone calls I received an email from Mike stating all the problems were operator error. How could it be operator error when Bart and the owner told me what and how to operate the rental. Also when I returned the rental Bart stated that my issues were just and he didn't understand the electrical issue either. Bottom line, they don't stand behind their word. Their communication is terrible. I will never do business with them and will pass on my experience with others.

 Scam operation - RV Owners Beware

Review by Jman on 6/28/13 2:49 PM

My personal rating is less than 1 star for this business for the following reasons: 1. Our RV was rented out several times but we always received statements that had deductions for items that needed repair with little or no money left over from the rental income for us. A few times backup paperwork would accompany the statement and the price for the repair was way more than normal cost. There was even paperwork attached to our statement that was for an entirely different vehicle. They said they would look into the issue but still waiting to hear after several months. 2. When we went to inspect our RV we were shocked to see that the repairs noted on our statements were not repaired even though the money for the repairs was deducted from our statements. From reading other reviews, on different sites, it looks like RV, Inc charges the renters for repairs during their period of use. It only stands to reason that the renters responsible for any damage, during their period of use,should have financial responsibility and not the owners, but the contract states that we do have responsibility. Check out reviews, from renters and owners, on and other sites. 3. If what is posted is true then what a racket they are running, free consignments, rental income for them, all repairs and maintenance responsibility of owners/renters,and repair money from both parties? ! ! ! It certainly looks like a dual operation - compare reviews for yourself. It appears to be the old "Bate and Switch" operation but you don't realize it until after a few months. What is fact is that they have a good sales pitch to us owners but do not come forth with the income they infer when opening our consignment. Learn from our mistake and don't play into this with your valuable vehicle. We are sad that we did.

 Beware - these guys ripped me off bad

Review by jthompson on 2/27/13 1:22 PM

I wish there was an option for zero stars like the other reviews have said. I rented a motorhome for a three day weekend. I arrived at 10am on Friday to pick it up, right at my appointment time. But it wasn't ready - it still had to be cleaned from the last people. So I waited 30 minutes before someone even started cleaning it, then another hour while it was cleaned. Then I had to wait 30 more minutes before someone could do the walk through. I was told I had missed my appointment time and they had other appointments to deal with before me. But I was there on time! It was their fault it wasn't ready. The trip was fine and the final walk through showed no damage to the motorhome. But then I got a letter in the mail saying they had charged my credit card $435 to fix a leaking toilet. I called and talked to Mike Cobb, the owner. He said they found the leaking toilet after I left, that it was my fault it was leaking, and that I had to pay to fix it. I pointed out that they had signed off that everything was fine before I left that day. He just said again it was my fault and if I had a problem with it I could call my credit card company. I argued my point again, but then he just hung up. They won't take or return my calls. I did call my credit card company and after a month they finally refunded the money. I would suggest that people looking to rent from read the reviews posted on the Internet first. Check out the filtered results on Yelp - for some reason all the negative reviews go there.

 Please read this before you rent or consign!

Review by ryano2121 on 2/19/13 12:11 PM

I would give zero stars if possible. My dad consigned his motorhome out here. He constantly complained that he received his payments several weeks late. When he called to ask, Mike Cobb (owner) just said that he would eventually get paid and that he should be happy with that. He was also frustrated that every time the motorhome got rented out, something would break that he would have to pay for, leaving very little in the payments sent to him. Then my dad died. I called Mike Cobb (owner) to tell him. My intention was to let him know that there was no money to make any repairs and I didn't want RVRent to get stuck having to pay for things my dad previously would have. I also told him that there is nothing in my dad's estate and that we could not afford to make motorhome payments, so it would be going back to the bank. First thing Mike says - "There is a 6 month cancellation policy, so you either have to leave it with us or pay me the money I would have made renting it out during that time". I explained that I have no personal obligation to do this and that I would just leave it up to the bank to repo the motorhome. So he threatened to sue me personally! I was calling out of courtesy following my dad's death and he threatens to sue me. Then the bank says it will take a few months to process the paperwork and said they didn't care if it was rented out in the meantime. So I presented this to Mike and offered to keep renting the motorhome out to minimize the financial loss he would face. I discussed my dad's concerns about not getting paid on time. I told him that I was leaving the motorhome with him so he could make some money and that all I expected in return was to receive checks on time. But I have yet to receive a check! They are supposed to be mailed out on the 10th. On the 15th I emailed asking if the check was mailed on the 10th. His response - "Sorta hard to mail it on Sunday". So I called to ask. He said "You will get paid, if its a few weeks after the 10th it isn't a big deal, you will still get your money". So, if you are looking to consign your RV with these guys, read my story. You will not get paid on time. Your motorhome will require more repair work than you ever had to put into it before. Your checks will be very small. If you are looking to rent, read my story. If they treat the people who leave their RV's with them this way, how do you think they will treat you?

 Dishonest Owners

Review by Ron on 10/21/12 11:10 PM

Terrible experience with this company. They are dishonest and nickle and dime you for every little thing. The communication practice is horrible. I took them for month to send us an estimate of some repair and returning the rest of our deposit. Look at the reviews on Yelp to get a true picture of them.

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