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Nugget Falls on the Rogue River

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Trip Length: 14 Miles / Time Required: 6 hours / Class: I - IV
Age Requirements: 8 years or older

The Rogue River full-day adventure starts just upstream of Rogue Rafting Company's riverside location. The trip begins with some smaller class I and II rapids giving all of the paddlers a good opportunity to get some instruction from their guide and practice maneuvering the boat as a team. The rapids gradually progress in size and excitement level. This section of the river is often called the "Nugget/Powerhouse Run" named after the two largest rapids on the run. Nugget Falls also referred to as Hayes Falls is a adrenaline pumping double drop falls followed with a boat swallowing hole. Rogue Rafting Company has a professional photographer staged at Nugget Falls and offers the action photos for sale at the end of your adventure. There is a mellow section of water following the falls which gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy snacks and refreshments. This calm pool is followed by the largest rapid of the day Powerhouse Rapid also known as Ti'lomhik Falls. Powerhouse is a thrilling double drop rapid that leaves the raft bobbing around in one of the most beautiful spots on the whole Rogue River. About a mile down stream of Powerhouse is where the trips stops for a delicious deli style riverside lunch. After lunch guests continue down river on a self-guided top of the line inflatable kayaks. We'll give instruction and demonstration on the inflatable kayaks. The second half of the day is all class I and II rapids that are suitable for beginner and experienced kayakers alike. This full-day adventure is a perfect way for you and your family and friends to spend a hot summer day.


Nugget Falls on the Rogue River

Nugget Falls on the Rogue River


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