Reviews for Rice County McCullough Park

Montgomery, Minnesota

 Cabin Rental

Review by Cabinfamily on 7/21/18 11:09 AM

We rented the county cabin for 2 weeks and highly recommend it! The price is right, cabin is comfortable and peaceful. We had many family members visit and all enjoyed it.

 nice place

Review by pizzaman on 5/25/17 7:54 AM

A pleasant place to stay. The price of campsites is very fair. If you can"t get your trailer in your site maybe you should get a smaller unit you can handle. Yes the trees are small but guess what ,they are new and they will grow. The sites are not too close together . Overall i was very happy with the park.

 nice quiet place

Review by oldbaldy on 5/13/17 3:03 PM

lots of birds, wildlife and good fishing on Shieldshields lake, from public dock or ypur own boat.

 Beautiful nature setting

Review by Medora on 7/27/15 4:35 PM

The McCullough Park is in a beautiful setting, with nature all around it. It is easy to get to and close to towns. The improvements are very nice, bath house is as clean and up-to-date as any we have been to recently. Nice level sites. Grass very well maintained. The green space is very refreshing. The wildflower area next to the lake is a good example of how a buffer zone can be environmentally practical and beautiful, it attracted butterflies while I sat on the nearby bench. With all the beautiful green space, it is a temptation to let dogs run loose but please observe the leash rule. Nobody wants to step in a pile where a dog did its business and the irresponsible dog owner didn't pick it up. There was a reunion of young people while we were there; they were respectful of the quiet hours and courteous. It was a good park for a gathering of that type.

 Rice County McCullough Park

Review by campfriend on 10/15/13 7:34 PM

Hosts were very friendly and restroom and showers were very clean. It had a nice playground for kids. The sites were nice and deep, however could be a bit wider if one has a slide out. Would have liked to seen a better hiking trail as the website boasts about 100 acres of land, but one small trail. And nice horseshoe courts too.

 McCullough park

Review by Mnfishermann on 8/16/13 1:36 PM

We used to stay here before the remodel what an improvement. The sites are not small just right they did a nice job on the remodel. It is quiet, there is a small dust problem but nothing that can't be lived with. As for the hosts very nice and accommodating sites very clean and grass mowed and trimmed. I will definitely be back. Nice job rice county on choosing the hosts and the remodel it will only get better as time passes.

 Fix the camp gound!

Review by OldVibGuy on 8/8/13 7:40 PM

Take notice Rick County. Why no campers, easy answer camp sites to close to other sites! Make it easy on your self and go check other county parks done right! That's what you get we you have bean counter builds a camp ground. Well it well be a easy for the camp host. Oh yaa how do you come up with $10 a night if you stay 30 days.

 Beautiful in the Fall

Review by Sue on 10/1/12 9:45 AM

Fall camping at McCullough Park is beautiful. Didn't find that the sites were that small, seemed OK to us. Would highly suggest some "dust control" on the road. It is very dry right now, but dust control is a must! Other than a few things that I believe a Camp Host would take control of, I think Rice County did a good job. The fall view this past weekend was beautiful. I hope people take advantage of this nice little campgrounds! One thing I would change on the internet site, is to add a better map of the camp sites. One that gives you the numbers of the sites so you know which site you are requesting. The sites by the lake were really nice!

 McCullough park campground

Review by RV'ing on 9/30/12 7:13 AM

The campground was a disapointment! There were only very small trees planted next to the campsites. No shade for those sunny / hot days. The campsites were small and layed out in an odd way. Too many campsites for the park. They should take out half of them because they will never be filled. Restrooms were clean though.


Review by Rice Family on 9/13/12 9:15 PM

Camp ground and bath house where clean. Camp sites are very small and fire rings are in odd spots. I don't why the camp ground is laid out so tight. It could be nice if they took out every other site and plated more trees. Nice try Rice County. Check Out Lake Washington new camp ground near Mankato Mn Or check out Oxbo park camp ground near Byon Mn and if you need to see it done right Allanson's Park in Henderson Mn See it's possible to do it right! Go GOP

 Needs improvments but nice place overall

Review by Farmer on 9/13/12 2:27 PM

The sites are a bit small. The fire rings could be placed back farther. Really need to work on the beach even if the lake is not the most desireable for swimming a sandy beach area would be nice I would suggest a couple of loads of pea rock then your sand. A dock for either fishing or docking a boat would also be a great improvement. Overall the campground was really nice and clean as were the bath house and rest rooms I can only hope that as time goes on that Rice County keeps the park up and the bathrooms as clean as they are now, that it is new. Our experience there was pretty good, campers next to us were a bit rude and unfriendly but we dealt with that. I will defintly go back.

 Camp ground review

Review by Crossroad Cruiser on 8/22/12 9:08 PM

We stopped by to check it last week end with are 5th Wheel. First thing is the camp sites are very small. Fire rings are located in odd spots. Are camper has two slides and a awning if we would have put are slide out in just about any camp site the fire ring would have been a problem. Just for fun I tried backing in a spot by the rust rooms but needed to jack the trailer nearly 75 degree angle and tore some turf up. It's clear that Rice county laid out the camp ground to make as money as possible with the maxuum denseity. Clearly no one ever looked at what people are camping with and only talk to privite owners of camp grounds for there research. All you had to do is check other counties next door to see hows it done right the first time. Great place to a camp host! It going to be very quiet. You need to take every other site out! "You can aways count on goverment doing the right thing after they have tried all the wrongs things first. "Churchill" Good Job Rice County!