Reviews for Regency Inn Fort Smith

Fort Smith, Arkansas

 Ripped Off

Review by Disappointed customer on 4/10/17 1:00 PM

They ripped me off $600.00! First I want to say I don't live local and had no clue about the crime rates at the Regency Inn. I have a friend in prison that wanted to use the Regency for an address for his parole so I called them and made a $600 payment over the phone. I was told that the place was clean and crime free and that all the parolees went there. Needless to say none of that was true. The parole denied my friends address request because of drugs and prostitution at the motel. When I contacted the motel back I was told that the lady running the place had cleaned it up so she don't know why it was denied. She said she would call me back which she never did. After a week in a half I called her back just to be informed that they would not be refunding the $600.00 I had just paid them. I was told the boss would contact me which also never happened. So when I called back to ask why I got hung up on. Stay clear of this place. They will rob you blind!