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Whitney, Texas

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Review by Treva on 12/10/12 4:43 PM

“DISGUSTING! NASTY! FILTHY! DO NOT RUIN YOUR VACATION BY GOING TO THIS EXTREMLY OUTDATED DUMP!” Dec 9, 2012 Tsanges Rooms are nothing but GROSS! Our room smelled so bad (urine) there was not enough bleach, lysol, scrubbing bubbles, or air fresheners in Whitney to have made a dent in this NASTY room! There is NO way this place, any part of it, could pass a health inspection! Heaven forbid that you go barefoot on this carpet! I don't know how long it had been since the toilet in our room had been cleaned or flushed before we got there, it smelled so bad! The oven was just nasty black, oven cleaner had been sprayed in it but never cleaned! I don't mean to gross anyone out but I feel EVERYONE that is considering staying at this dump needs to know there were two used Kotex laying right beside our front door, SICKENING! The restaurant is just as nasty as the rooms! The employees at this place are surely the ones that live in these nasty rooms while no uninformed visitors are staying there! Staff was totally unclean! ROACHES, yes many, many roaches! My mother was in a different cabin and they had to come in and spray for roaches, I saw a couple on her wall and decided to pull the icebox out from the wall to see if the roaches were coming from there, OH MY GOSH, I am not exaggerating people, the wall behind the fridge was solid black COVERED in roaches! They did not have another handicap accessible room available so yes, my mother had to stay out of her room for the biggest part of the day to wait for the bugs to be taken care of and the chemical smell to subside! The worst part is the room I stayed in cost 350.00 per night! Yes, this place IS A TOTAL DUMP AND IS DEFINATLEY FALSLY ADVERTISED!!!!

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