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The R&B Grand Events Center is capable of hosting a relaxed meeting for ten or a full-blown event requiring space for up to 400 people. Event Center is appointed with tables and chairs for seating individuals as well as a private restrooms. Our attentive staff is ready and willing to assist you with all aspects of the event planning process down to the last detail. The versatility of our Event Center coupled with the availibility of our state of the arts in-house sound system and equipment makes us the perfect destination for small to medium size events. Once an event has been booked at the R&B Grand Events Center, our staff will assist you in planning your event down to the last detail. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you to R&B Grand Events Center. We are dedicated to making your event, whether social or business, a true R&B Grand experience.






Rental hours are from 8am until 5pm Monday - Sunday


Rental hours are from 6pm until 1am Monday - Sunday

Terms & Conditions

Signee understand that accepts personal responsiblity for insuring that all of the Event Center's House Rules are followed, including but not limited to those listed below:
Unless supervised by an adult, children under the age of fifteen (15) years are not permitted in the Event Center.
Attaching any material directly on walls or visible surface area of ceiling beams is prohibited except as expressly authorized by the Rental Manager.
Signee acknowledge R&B Grand reserve the right to remove from the Premises any person or persons deemed objectionable by Staff for the reason that they may be causing a disturbance on the Premises or damages to the Premises or equipment.
Signee agree to indemnify and hold R&B Rental and its officers harmless for any liability or financial consequence that may arise out of my use of the Event Center facility during agreed rental. Furthermore, R&B Grand may require for certain events to provide a certificate of insurance showing evidence of coverage, as needed. Renter shall be advised of this requirement at the time the rental is approved.
Signee understand that R&B Rental is not responsible for any expenses incurred by renter caused during rental of R&B Grand Event Center.
Signee acknowledge R&B Grand management reserve the right to cease and dismiss from continuing uses of Premises if at any time, in the judgment of, an improper, illegal, or unsafe event.
Signee acknowledge that I have read and understood the R&B Grand's Rental Policy. I agree that I am personally liable for and will pay for all damages that exceed my deposit.
- Signee will be present on the premises for the entire duration of the event.
- Signee will be responsible for inspecting and closing the clubhouse at the end of the event.
- Signee will see that all food and food-related garbage is removed to the outside containers and doors to garbage area secured.
- Signee wIll be responsible for the safety of all guests and to see that children are properly supervised to assure their safety.
- Signee understand that animals are not permitted inside the Event Center, except those required for the handicapped or law enforcement.
- Signee understand R&B Grand is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of members, their families or guests. R&B Grand Event Center will not be responsible for any equipment or items left behind, before, during or after an Event.
- Signee understand that R&B Grand Event Center staff may enter any of the rented premises at any time on any occasion. R&B Grand Event Center reserves the right to take photographs and record sound or video of rental events for its own records and for promotional use in future.
Fees are chargeable and refundable as follows:
Under the terms of this agreements the damage deposit and cleaning fee are fully refundable if the rental is canceled.
The rental fee and deposit will be refunded 100% if the event is canceled more than 30 days prior to the scheduled rental date, refunded 50% if canceled within 15 days and 0% if canceled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled rental date.

Full damage and cleaning fee will be charged if there is damage to the Event Center's office, artwork, pictures, kitchen, stage, bathroom, walls, or physical structure or the entertainment system of the building. If damages exceed the amount of the deposit, the member is liable for the difference.
All cost of removal, storage, disposal shall be at the sole expense of the Signee. In the event of Signee's failure to remove all garbage and trash from the Permises in a timely manner R&B Grand reserve the right to impose a $50 - $150 Disposal Fee.
Cleaning duties:
- All tables must be cleared of all items such as table linens, dishes, decorations, etc.
- All trash must be removed.
- All decorations must be taken down and removed from the Facility.

CLIENT is responsible for all kitchen clean-up.
The kitchen area must be thoroughly cleansed and returned to its original level of cleanliness. This includes all work areas, ovens, refrigerators, sinks and floors.