Raheja Woods

Pune, India

About Raheja Woods

Raheja Woods is located at:

Raheja Woods
Pune, India
Pune, India
Phone: 02040047597



Club House(Member booking)

This booking is permitted for members of Raheja Woods society.

Terms & Conditions

Refundable deposit will be charged at 5,000 INR for half day or full day bookings.

Rules and Regulations:
• Club House can be booked for events only on first floor between 9 a.m. to 9.p.m. Ground floor cannot be booked for events purpose.
• Consumption of alcoholic beverages not permitted in clubhouse, pool area or other common areas. Smoking is prohibited inside the club house.
• Cooking in club house premises is not permitted.
• We agree to indemnify Raheja Woods Cooperative Housing Society for any acts by our guests or us when we use the club house and its facilities
• Use of Society/club house/housekeeping staff is not permitted
• For any classes conducted/initiated by a resident of Raheja Woods pay 10% of the total income earned is payable to the Society.
• Parking facilities for non-resident not available in Society premises
• No advertisements/posters/banners should be stuck on the wall or windows of the club house.
• Refundable deposit will be returned only if the club house is left in the same condition as it was before the event. In case of damages suitable deductions will be made.

Cheque should be in the name of “Raheja Woods Cooperative Housing Society Ltd”.