Reviews for Golden Yacht Charters

Miami, Florida

 Thieves!! He's not kidding!!

Review by Lesly wallis on 7/1/12, 9:23 PM

Worst experience ever!! Their boats are not safe!! We broke down on one boat then 1hour later they brought us another boat and it broke down 30 minutes later. They ruined my whole day we where stuck out on the water with big waves and big boats zooming by! They didn't even refund me and tried to blame me for the breakdowns!! They are very expensive and dishonest!! I wish I would have read their reviews before attempting to rent from them! What a waist of $700 in 6 hours!! Never again I found AMERICAN WATER SPORTS in coconut grove to be much cheaper and have brand new reliable boats! They are worth the 15 minute drive for half the price!! Thanks Erin D. Also I'm starting to wonder if their 4-5 star reviews are a fraud!! Their boats a hideous! Dirty, ugly, run down and worst of all UNRELIABLE!!

 Great Service

Review by Mike on 8/19/11, 2:57 PM

We went out on a powerboat for 4 hours last weekend and it started to rain 2 hours after we left, so they gave us 2 hour free boat ride certificate valid for a whole year! The other company we rented the boat last time said that they do not refund anything due to weather unless you cancell 24 hours prior. Thank you Primetime, looking forward to seeing you soon!

 Awesome B-Day Patry

Review by Joel Kingstone on 8/18/11, 5:58 PM

We went out on a charter on 48' boat, it was a surprise party for my brother. Our captain took us on a tour of popular Miami islands, like Star, Monument, Fisher islands, then we went to a sandbar where we went swimming. There was a huge party with lots of other boats and people. We had a blast!!!! Then we went to have dinner to a small cozy restaurant in Key Biscayne and on the way back we saw the most breathtaking sunset veiw of downtown Miami. Thank you Golden Yacht Charters! You guys did a great job!

 review for the 21 Mariah

Review by Joseph  on 8/18/11, 4:43 PM

Thanks for the great time out on the water. We had a sweet time out by the key biscayne sandbar! :)

 Full Day Charter on the 43' Marquis

Review by Charlie from Ohio on 8/18/11, 4:36 PM

Our family were looking to see miami from a different perspective. When I saw what Golden Yacht Charters had to offer i immediately called to see what yachts they had available. The moment i set foot on the 43' Luxury Marquis i knew this was going to be an experience to remember. We met our beautiful and friendly Stewardess who took care of us from the moment we boarded the vessel. We departed from the Miami Beach Marina at 10:00. Our Captain was very knowledgeable of the Miami waters and suggested to go see some beautiful locations which are only accessible by water. My 3 children went snorkeling while my wife and i enjoyed a glass of wine overlooking the atlantic ocean. Overall it was an amazing experience which i remember to this day. We will definitely use Primetimeboats again!

 Thanks for the awesome time

Review by LAG-9 on 8/18/11, 4:19 PM

Hey Golden Yachts, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome help in making my dream birthday weekend. My Girlfriend and friends were super excited that we were going out on a yacht and obviously I had the best 33rd birthday possible. Your staff was super professional and the Captain was very knowledgeable with the surrounding areas. Next time Im in Miami I will definitely do it again but this time Im going bigger. 80 Foot Plus Baby!!!!! :-)

 Response to Thieves review

Review by Carolina on 8/18/11, 4:09 PM

Primetime Boats is an excellent boat and charter company. We do not steal client's money and in fact we refunded this client their money directly through their concierge at the W Hotel. If concierge did not pay them back that is between them and their hotel. Also, our full day rate is for 8 hours and includes a captain and use of the boat for 8 hours. We offer an overnight stay but the boat must stay at the dock, without captain or stew. We explain this to everyone and this is only a current special not something we charge for. These clients also wanted catering they cannot expect to get a chef to cook for them for only $150 on a yacht charter. We gave them the receipt and the remaining was the cost of the food which they did eat. We offer full day charters of 8 hours of use, with an optional overnight stay without crew. Not many companies allow clients to sleep on the yacht.


Review by desapointed customer on 7/18/11, 11:50 AM

Unfortunately is the first time ever i give a bad review, but i thought it was important that future customers are warned. I paid in cash upfront for a 24hr trip, and when i got there i was informed that we would only be sailing for 8hrs, so i asked for my money back, and never received it, plus i was charged 350$ for the food, when i asked for the receipt, as i though it was far too much, we where only 2. i was not given the supermarket receipt until the next day and despite being 150$ only they never gave me the 200$ difference back. In total they stole 1400$.