Reviews for Pocket WiFi Thai

Seoul, South Korea

 Inconsistent provider and poor service

Review by DL on 8/1/17 4:50 AM

The first time I used Pocket Wifi Thai I was so impressed. Great product, excellent service etc . Its been downhill since then. The last time the product didn't show up on the day requested ( but I was charged anyway ). Then the product was not charged. Then we found out it was defective. It took 3 days for them to respond and send a new one. By then it had cost me over US$500 in roaming fees with my home service provider. We requested a refund and nobody replied. Now I tried to book again and the customer service completely destroyed my reservation . They just ignored my email information and my questions related to problems, refund , and new product. I asked to speak to a manager and they just ignore my emails. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS ???? From best to worst in less than a month ??? VERY DISAPPOINTING

 Good service, mediocre coverage in islands

Review by Peter on 6/29/15 10:16 AM

Used it for a week in BKK and 3 days in Koh Khram Yai. Was ok to use in bkk but coverage was poor in Koh Khram Yai.

 Low rental fees, great reception and coverage

Review by Jason Chan on 6/22/15 4:08 PM

Rented the Pocket Wifi for 5 days while our family was in Bangkok in March 2015. The device provided great internet connection for 3 phones, 1 iPad, and 1 laptop that my family had during the trip. If you are on a business trip or just on a vacation, I definitely recommend you to rent one.