Reviews for Pocket WiFi Korea

Incheon, South Korea

 As explained in their website

Review by Charles on 3/26/18 3:34 AM

Collecting process and returning process is fast and without hectic. The internet is fast and everything is fine.

 Very good service

Review by Sherlin on 3/23/18 2:29 AM

Very good, I like it and I will use for next trip to seoul

 Fast speed

Review by Sze Nga on 3/23/18 2:27 AM

Very fast and convenient. The staffs are very hospitable. Location is easy to find.

 Low battery

Review by Freq Traveller on 11/29/17 11:13 PM

First time to rent here. Unfortunately the pocket wifi didn't last a day or at least 6hours turned on despite only 1 device connected. Wasn't able to maximize my pocket wifi since more than half of the day battery was already dead. No place for me to recahrdge since i was walking around Seoul most of the day. To date I am following up on the refund of my deposit. It said that deposit will be reverted or refunded within 24hrs to 48hrs upon return of the device. Unfortunately, after 3 days, no refund has been made in my credit card.


Review by minfox on 2/6/17 9:24 AM

using their devices for 3 years, starting 2015 and i'm very satisfied with everything! good service, cheaper than other rentals in Incheon\Seoul, long lasting battery, good wifi connection everywhere around Korea, always refunding deposit within 48 hours so no trust isues. everything works good! i'm very happy to use their services. was a bit hard to find them for the first time, but now they changed their location and easily can found them at Korea air check in, so no problems now!

 Very convenient!

Review by Dan on 12/20/16 3:26 AM

I used the pocket wifi for 2 weeks. After ordering on the homepage it was delivered to my accommodation within 2 days. Quite easy to use and to install. It was very convenient and reliable during my whole stay. The connection was stable and the battery lasted for about 6 hours at least. Nothing to moan. I will use it again! Good job Pocket WiFi Korea!

 Great product and service

Review by 615 Traveler on 12/4/16 10:34 AM

I was in Seoul for 9 days in November 2016 and having the wifi egg made my visit easier. I was able to navigate and look up places on the fly. Some travel sites said a wifi hotspot is not necessary in Seoul because wifi is readily available in many businesses, but I liked having a reliable source at any time and not having to duck into a store or restaurant. The wifi egg connection was dependable and lasted about 6 hours. I got the wifi Korea because I went outside Seoul (about 90 minutes south) and it worked well. As for service, I emailed the business a question on a weekend and got a prompt response within a few hours. At the airport, the employees were courteous and when I picked up my egg, the employee made sure it worked and connected to my phone before I left. I received my deposit back in less than 48 hours and that was over a weekend as well. One tip, it took me awhile to figure out where the pickup location was. When you go through luggage claim and customs, you are on the lower level. Go upstairs to the 3rd floor (escalators are located in the center of the terminal). If you are facing the exit, go left, all the way to the end. The booth is located (along with a bunch of other booths) across from Korean Airlines ticket counter #1.

 Good coverage, totally recommended

Review by Amey Phet on 10/29/16 5:59 AM

Good coverage. will recommend to others when they visit South Korea. I've used their service for 3 years now. I've used it in Jeju island and in Busan. I've always rented their LTE model for more than 10 days. The device lasted around 5-6 hours so you had to bring its charger around. In case of emergency, bringing extra powerbank is a must.

 Works As Advertised

Review by DK on 10/18/16 12:34 PM

Used the Pocket Wifi for a week while in Korea. Device identification number along with password are printed on a sticker on the device; device is also very light and can easily fit within your pocket. Split time between Seoul, Busan and other various cities on the east coast of Korea. Unit worked well as needed; had minor connectivity issues in some rural pockets while traveling between cities on the bus, but never had any complete outages (other than when driving through tunnels). Battery life was a bit variable per day, but typically ran 7-8 hours before needed to be charged. We had a powerbank however so that eliminated this problem. Note the device can get a bit warm. Pick-up and drop-off were easy, other than the desk being on one side of the airport (factor into travel plans accordingly). Make sure your devices can connect when picking up. I got my $50 deposit back within 2-3 days. Would use again.


Review by Alex on 6/1/16 9:11 PM

I was given a cord that does not fit the unit for charging....I was not able to charge my unit for more than a day because I have to look for the right the end , I have to buy one. Because going back to airport to have it replaced would be too costly rather than buying one.

 Good reception poor battery

Review by Lala on 4/5/16 5:42 PM

I am currently renting the pocketwifi good for 6days.. It has a very good coverage but very poor battery. If i am not mistaken the device should last for 5-7hours according to the description, but the one we got lasts for only 4hrs.. To avoid hassle of complaining and asking for replacement, we're just using powerbanks instead.

 convenient and light

Review by helen on 3/22/16 12:17 AM

Good coverage... will recommend to others when they visit South Korea.

 Good Coverage and Speed but DEPOSIT IS NOT RETURNED

Review by Denny Siauw on 4/29/15 4:16 AM

Good coverage and speed however after 1 weeks of returning the Pocket WIFI, I have not received the security deposit of $50 which was promised to be returned 24-48 hours after.

 Low rental fees, great reception and coverage

Review by ELChan on 3/29/15 8:49 PM

There are 2 versions of package offered by Wifi-Korea, the Urban Data Pack and Everywhere Speed Pack and I have used both of it. UDP is the cheapest, however it limits my coverage to some parts of Seoul. However, with just a little top up for ESP, coverage was really great throughout anywhere in and out of Seoul. I have been using ESP ever since my first try with it. Battery lasted for at least 10 hours as well. If you are on a business trip or just on a vacation, I definitely recommend you to go with ESP so you could stay connected everywhere you go.

 Great for the price, bad reception

Review by Wayne Wai on 2/24/15 2:22 AM

I rented a pocket Wifi on 2/14/2015 for my trip in Seoul, Korea. Upon arrival, I followed the instruction, and received my pocket wifi at the Incheon Int. airport. The renter do not have a store. Instead, the pocket wifi is handed out by a staff sitting at the resting area near exit 7 on 3F. Unfortunately, the wifi have a pretty bad reception in my case. I stayed in Seoul for 5 days, and It works roughly about 60% of the time. The 3g would not work at all if you are out of the seoul. The download/upload speed, on the other hand, is acceptable for email/website. Overall, I would not recommend it if you are on your business trip. I missed a few important emails because of it.

 Good coverage in Jeju and Busan

Review by Wei Soo Ken on 12/6/14 9:12 AM

I've used their service on my recent trip to Korea. I've used it in Jeju island and in Busan. I've rented their LTE model for 10 days. It worked fine even in halla mountain. And also it was very useful when I had to find my way around in Busan. The device lasted around 5 hours so I had to bring my charger around. But I could charge it in any restaurants or cafes. Next time I will bring my portable battery charger.

 Good for the price

Review by John Wong on 10/20/14 9:29 AM

Rented the device for 12 days during my trip in Korea. I was going to rent the one for Seoul, but they recommended me to rent the LTE model because I was travelling outside Seoul. They shipped the device to my hotel for free of charge, which was great. Overall, it was a good experience.   

 Good Device, Bad Service

Review by Hunter on 7/29/14 9:56 PM

Rented the Pocket Wifi for 5 days while our family was in Seoul in July 2014. The device provided great internet connection for 4 phones, 2 iPad, and 1 laptop that my family had during the trip. I communicated with them via WeChat in airport to find the staff (which floor and gate) to receive and return the device. The bad part is they supposed refund the $50USD deposit with 24 hours of returning the device. But after two weeks, I still don't see refund in PayPal. Email and WeChat messages sent to them got no reply. I just filed a dispute at PayPal. Will see how they respond.