Photography by Belinda Hall

Augusta, Georgia

About Photography by Belinda Hall

Serving the Southeast & Beyond I provide professional photography for:
Real Estate
Vacation Rentals
Interior Design
Product/Food/Commercial Projects
Destination & Beach Weddings
Family & Individual Portrait Sessions

About Me:

The beautiful chaos and passion that life holds drives me as an artist. Nothing excites me more than being able to capture and portray this journey! My love for the arts has been a major role in my life, starting with dance at the age of three. I also enjoy pottery, painting, stone-carving, writing or any other method of creative expression.

Although I have always enjoyed taking pictures, photography became dearest to my heart when I travelled to Haiti for missions work. It was here that I truly experienced beauty, sorrow, pain, and joy. Photography enabled me to really take hold of the experience and create visual stories that will last longer than my own life and memory. I realized then that photography was to be my main method of interpreting all the artistry of culture, environment, and humanity. My Long-term goal and dream is to support non-profit organizations by using the gifts I have been blessed with. I will capture how organizations provide life changing support to those in need with personalized stories and images, then create fine art books which can be sold to help fund their efforts. To learn more or become a part of this journey please email me at

10% of all commercial projects and Fine Art Sales go to support this program