Reviews for Olexis Enterprises LLC

Orlando, Florida

 Awesome Experience

Review by Rogers/Kabal Family on 2/3/11 12:12 AM

We have 4 children, so you can imagine that finding a hotel to accomodate our family was next to impossible. We stayed for a week, and was really pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to stay here. First, it's a secure, gated community with keyless entry. That was awesome because my parents travelled with us. Keyless entry allowed all of us to go and come as we pleased - no need to figure out who's got the key and how you'll get back in. Second in my world was the availibility of laundry facility in the condo - wow! We did not come home with any dirty laundry - that was pleasant. The kitchen was incredible. It had everything we needed - down to dish soap and a floor mop for dealing with spills! Everything was clean and spotless. There was tons of extra linen and towels; our every need was anticipated. It was not a hotel, it was better! My kids and nephews enjoyed the gaming console and the TV in every room. As adults, we enjoyed our privacy and every convenience you could possibly think of. Did I mention we had a dinner party one night, with fine china and all? We most certainly did, and it was easy. With a large grocery store just steps away, planning and executing a nice dinner without breaking the budget was as easy as pie. We loved it, the kids loved it, my parents loved it. My 5 year old was so thrilled, he asked, "Could we stay for 75 more days, mom?" That just sums it up. We had a great stay, so good we wanted to stay a while.