quinte west / trenton, ON


The 202 Course is an advanced skills 7 hour up to 1 on 3 instruction is for OTR clients that have completed the 101 and that have some trail run experience and would like to learn more. At least 4 real life trail runs with groups is a prerequisite, so that one is familiar with scenarios posed. This course provides education in advanced 4WD driving techniques, advanced recovery techniques, advanced Hi-Lift operation, advanced spotting and line visualization techniques and advanced safety and trip planning. As well as trail leading and trail run organization.
People skills and how to deal with non responsible non compliant trail run members.
202 course is priced at $300for 3 people and 75$ extra per additional people up to 6 candidates. minimum of 3 vehicles



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(9/4/13 - 9/4/15)
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