Reviews for North Woods Conservancy

Calumet, Michigan

 heartless organization

Review by sarah on 9/9/13 1:57 PM

I would love to say we stayed and had a great time, but alas, fate would not have it be so. I loved the idea of supporting an organization dedicated to preserving forest lands. My husband and I were really looking forward to our vacation, it was to be his 30th birthday trip, a dream. Tragically my husband and I were struck by a car as pedestrians 2 weeks before our trip. It took me a few days to call to cancel as you might imagine, being that my husband almost died and suffers a traumatic brain injury and fractured skull. I was told that everyone that cancels has "some emergency" and I would be losing half my weeks rental cost. Though I understand the need for cancellation policies, this behavior is simply appalling, and poor customer relations. We will be rebooking this trip some day when my husband is able, god willing, but we will find other lodging. Our fishing charter captain, however, was an outstanding human being, we will book him again. We prefer the people we do business with to have a soul.