Naylor by the Water

Graford, Texas

About Naylor by the Water

Naylor by the Water is located on Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford, Texas. We are a short 90 minute drive west of Fort Worth.

Our rentals include pontoon boats, tritoon boats, ski boats and waverunners.

Our boats are harbored at Patterson PK Marina located at 3415 Scenic Point Rd, Graford, TX 76449.



20' Pontoon

4 Hours $300.00 / 4 hours
6+ hours $400.00 / 6 hours
8+ hours $500.00 / 8 hours

22' Tritoon

4 Hours $400.00 / 4 hours
6+ hours $525.00 / 6 hours
8+ hours $650.00 / 8 hours

Crownline Ski Boat

4 Hours $450.00 / 4 hours
6+ hours $585.00 / 6 hours
8+ hours $725.00 / 8 hours

Hurricane Ski Boat

4 Hours $385.00 / 4 hours
6+ hours $505.00 / 6 hours
8+ hours $625.00 / 8 hours

Two Person Tube

Upgrade your towable to a two person tube for an additional $25.00.



2 Hours $180.00 / 2 hours
4 Hours $300.00 / 4 hours
6+ hours $400.00 / 6 hours
8+ hours $500.00 / 8 hours

Terms & Conditions

All boat renters agree to the following when reserving and taking position of our rental boats:

To obey rules and laws associated with the Texas Parks and Wildlife, the US Coast Guard, the State of Texas, and the Brazos River Authority.

To turn the motor off while loading and unloading the boat.

To return the items rented to the point of delivery at the designated time.

To a $50 cleaning fee if the boat is returned excessively messy.

To a late fee of $100 per hour if the boat/equipment is not returned at the designated time.

To pay for fuel used while the boat is in your position. Fuel is available at the marina and can be refueled by our staff and charged to the credit card on file.

Renter assumes all liability for the loss of or damage to rental property, for the death or injury to any person or property of another, and for all other risks and liability arising fro the use, operation, condition and possession of the rental property.

Renter shall be in charge of rental item(s) after delivery and is fully responsible for its use and operation. Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Owner, it's agents and employees for all claims, loss or damage owner may sustain for any of the following reasons:
* loss of, or damage to, any rental property by any cause
* injury to or death of any person
* damage to any property arising from the use, possession, or operation of any rental property
The above indemnification, defense, and hold harmless provisions shall include all expenses, losses, liabilities, fines, penalties and claims of every type. including reasonable attorney's fees claimed against or incurred by Owner.

If any rental property becomes lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged beyond repair, Renter shall pay Owner in cash the replacement value of the said property.

The indemnities, assumption of risk, liabilities and obligation of Renter arising under this Rental Agreement shall continue in effect after termination of the Rental Agreement.

It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the Brazos River Authority (BRA) nor any BRA commercial lease lessee shall have any responsibility or liability pertaining to the rental, use or operation of the rental equipment.

The deposit will be applied by Owner against all additional charges, and the Renter shall be responsible for immediate payment for the balance owed, if any. The deposit may be applied to any damage to the rent item(s) with the Renter be responsible for any balance owed.