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Review by Debbi on 8/8/11 10:04 PM

When I first started Pilates, I was going to a chiropractor because I had limited mobility in my neck. With continuing Pilates instruction and classes with Elena I can honestly say that I no longer need or want to go to the chiropractor again. Not only does my neck feel better, my entire body feels stronger. Elena makes her classes fun, informative, and non-intimidating. Our work-outs are great in a very friendly atmosphere. It's the BEST hour of my day. Elena, G-D bless you!

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Review by Lisa on 3/28/11 2:17 PM

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Healthy Results! That is what pilates does for the body! I have worked out in regular gyms with a trainer, cross fit gyms and have never experienced a transformation in my body WITHOUT ANY PAIN! I was always getting hurt in cross fit, as well as the gym because of improper form. With pilates, you focus on the quality of movement as well as keeping a conscience thought to tighten the core. My Pilates Wellington (Elena) has educated me how to relieve some of the back pain I have experienced from injuries in the gym as well as from a car accident. I highly recommend My Pilates Wellington to anyone who wishes to have a tight tummy, better posture and no physical harm, but relief to their body!

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Review by REENA on 2/1/11 11:38 AM

I started Pilates when I was 40 years old. I am now 44 & have found that pilates has helped me maintain my core strength and helped me improve my balance, which is so important for older,adult to prevent falls. Thank you so much to Ellena for being excellent, caring and generous instructor that you are. Ellena's knowlegde and passion for pilates has resulted in fun, challenging & rewarding classes. Her instructions have made me comfortable. Thanks.

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