Reviews for Motley Travels and Logistics Limited

Abuja, Nigeria

 Christmas Holiday

Review by Trish on 9/21/17 5:12 AM

It's disheartening how people come on the media and try to tarnish people's image and reputation. I was on the same tour to OBUDU in December and clearly, Bill has given a wrong impression about Mötley Travels. For sure there was transport challenges with flat types (Not bursted), but they tried to manage it. It could have happened to anyone. For you to come online and paint a gory picture is grossly unfair. I hope you run a business someday so you test the waters. Look at their handles on Facebook and instagram and see several other tours they have organized and the lovely feedback from tourists. I have been following them since then and have gone on other tours with them too. They need our constructive criticism to grow and not try to pull them down.

 Obudu holiday by motley travels

Review by Bill on 8/20/17 3:44 AM

From 31 dec. 2016 ( Desperate for a holiday, some families in Abuja decided to patronize a local holiday company to fulfill their wish for a vacation despite the economic recession. They opted for Motley Travels and Logistics Limited which promised them paradise in Obudu, only to discover that the owner – Mark More, was just out to clean out on the opportunity while ruining their fairy tale Christmas in the mountains. Half way through the road trip they experienced busted tyres which left them stranded for hours in the wild before Lafia in Nassarawa state. Mark abandoned his travelers for hours only to appear with stories, the journey from Abuja to Obudu lasted 18hours…. The passengers got there by midnight. Part two of their agonies was the fact that they had to scramble for food, real hustle to eat as they became stranded with no option but to eat rice without stew. Mark seeing the families were stranded now asked them to bring out all the money on them if they intend to enjoy Obudu, they paid him from 1,500 naira to ride the cable car. Eventually Mark dismissed the families to go join public transport back to Abuja as he could no longer cater for them. The experience was hellish for the families, as senior executives became beggars in Obudu from 23rd – 26th December 2016 all in the name of #MadeinNigeria holiday. Mark’s greed knows no bounds. Before you go on any tour, do your research first!!!! till today as i speak, Motley travels has not refunded the money the families used to buy fuel for him nor the one they used to charter bus. No apology sef, later they will say why not patronise Nigeria companies? There is a huge opportunity for tour companies in Abuja, I know many people who want to buy tour package but unfortunately there's is no credible tour company.